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5 Easy Ways to Keep Stinging Insects at Bay

Many individuals fear stinging insects significantly more than other pests because of the unpleasant pain they are known to cause. In the springtime, these nuisances are out in full force.  If you have stinging insects in your home or in very significant numbers outdoors, you will need to contact a pest control professional.  However, even if you don’t have a major problem, bees, wasps, yellowjackets and hornets are all inevitable and can deliver a painful sting.  Here are a few easy ways to steer these bugs clear of you and avoid stings if they are around.


      1. Don’t look like their food. Bright colors and florally perfumes give you the appearance of a flower and will have these pests headed your way.  Avoid this look if you plan to spend a significant amount of time outside that day.


      1. Bottles are best. If you’re picnicking or just sipping a drink outside, closeable bottles are a good idea. With their open tops, cans, cups and pitchers will attract stinging insects with their smell.  We’ve all heard the horror stories of someone swallowing a bee or being bitten in the mouth when one of these pests climbs down into your can.


      1. Don’t panic. If any kind of stinging pest is in your area, don’t swat at them or run away.  The sudden movements will startle them as much as they’ve startled you and could provoke aggression. Be still or walk away slowly and they will likely move on as well.


      1. Keep your shoes on: We all know how great walking barefooted in lush grass feels.  Unfortunately, this is an easy way to end up with a painful sting. Many of these insects have nests in the ground and you may step right on top of one, where you will most likely be stung.


    1. Roll up your windows. Open car windows obviously leave room for stinging insects to end up inside your car. The insect may become panicked when it realizes it is trapped and could be more prone to stinging, not to mention driving with a wasp or bee flying around your head isn’t exactly safe.

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