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Achieve Pest Solutions of Lincoln, RI

10 Parker St, Lincoln, RI 2865

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54 Old Quarry Rd, North Scituate, RI 2857
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Based on 17 reviews around the web

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Most Recent Reviews

“Had a TON of yellow jackets in the between deck he sprayed as of this morning there is none he also says his work is guaranteed !!!”

Heather Bento via Google

“They are great, reliable and excellent service.”

Manuel Goncalves via Google

“I was recommended to Joe through a friend that had went to High School with Joe. I had seen a mouse in my house on 03/04/22 (eek!!!! only purchased in September). I was going to try and get rid of it myself even though I was scared to death. I had some sticky traps that I laid out along the path he came from and a friend from work gave me something she had and told me to put them down. Ok so, I am checking daily to see if I had been successful (still scared) with no luck ALSO PLEASE KNOW I DO NOT KNOW HOW MANY ARE IN MY HOUSE LOL. on Thursday 03/10/22, I go to check the area I had placed the sticky traps and the "thingies" my friend gave me and I see that the mouse/mice had been digging in a small crack!!! YIKES!! that is when I called JOE On 3/11/22 I called Joe and asked how much it would be to come out to assess my situation. Number one he comes to you with a FREE estimate. Number to he made me laugh (he is so funny and has a great personality!! Love it!! And need that in this climate). Anywho, he gave me a time when he would be here and he was, he came through my house and showed me where the "mouse" had been (gave me the willies - UGH). He told me that he though he was a "lone mouse" trying to find his way out and that it was not an infestation (thank goodness)!!!! He did laugh at me as to where I had placed the traps and the poison thingies lol!!! After he was done assessing my house, he told me straight to the point that I did NOT need pest control and told me where to put the poison and that the poison that I had was what he would use but to put it where the mouse would be guaranteed to take it and eat it. He was quiet amazing with his knowledge and he gave it to me for free and I so appreciate!!! He could have placed his own stuff and charged me, but he didn't and I love a good honest human being like that!!! To my amazement on Sunday, March 13, 2022, I was about to go out and I go to grab my shoes and I screamed so loud because the mouse was dead upstairs next to where I put my shoes when I walk in the door!! I was so grossed out and happy at the same time!! Joe knows what he is talking about. Glad the mouse died out in the open, so I didn't have to follow a stench and try to figure out where it died!! lol I would recommend Joe and his business Achieve Pest & Wildlife Solutions to EVERYONE!!! Family, Friends and anyone reading my review!!! Thank you JOE!!!!!”

Robin Hedges via Google

Achieve Pest Solutions of Lincoln Review


54 Old Quarry Rd, North Scituate, RI 2857
  • Free Pricing Estimate
  • Money-back guarantee
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