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Are Insecticides Required For Your Pest Problem?

An advanced pest problem in your home can present a problem that can only be solved with the use of insecticides. There are many insecticides on the market that present no danger to the inhabitants of your home while still removing all signs of a pest infestation. These products are not always required, but by asking yourself some simple questions you can determine if insecticide use is necessary in your home.

1. Have You Sealed Your Home?

Most infestation problems begin with pests sneaking in through cracks in the walls and foundation of your home, as well as rips in the screens outside of doors and windows. Filling in these cracks and repairing torn screens makes a dramatic difference in keeping pests out of the home. It only takes a very small crack for a pest to find their way in, if you aren’t able to fill-in a crack, cover it with a wire or copper mesh or gauze.

2. Are You Seeing Pests Around Your Home?

Just a few small bug sightings around your home could mean a lot more than you realize. If you spot cockroaches or other pests in your home just once per day you could have a major infestation problem on your hands. Thousands of bugs could be present in your home, and if an infestation of this level is present in your home a chemical treatment is almost certainly required to remedy it.

3. Have Natural Removal Methods Failed?

There are all sorts of natural pest repellents. Many homeowners prefer to attempt using these natural remedies before turning to chemical-based treatments like insecticides. Take a look at the following list of common household pests and natural remedies for their removal:

Ants: Soapy water
Ants leave pheromone trails throughout your home so that other members of their colony can find their way to food. Spraying the area where ants have walked with soapy water can eliminate this trail and prevent other ants from finding their way in.

Cockroaches: Catnip, bay leaves
Cockroaches are naturally repelled by the smells emitted by bay leaves and catnip. By bringing catnip and water to a simmer and pouring it into a spray bottle you can create a cockroach-repellent spray that can be applied throughout the home.

Fleas: Citrus oils
Essential oils, like lemon oil, can be extremely effective in treating fleas. Applying a small amount of lemon oil onto your dog’s skin (in an area they are unable to reach) can get rid of fleas in record time. Citrus oils should not be used on cats.

MosquitosSage, rosemary
An easy to make mixture of sage essential oil, aloe vera and vegetable oil can make for an excellent and natural mosquito repellent. You can smudge this solution onto your clothes or skin, doing so will make you unappealing to those pesky blood-sucking pests.

Flies: Mint, sweet basil
Herbs like mint and sweet basil are great natural ways to get rid of flies and other pests. Combine mint oil with rubbing alcohol for a great fly spray that you can spread throughout your home.

If you’ve attempted all of these remedies and are still seeing pests around your home it may be time to introduce insecticides to the pests in your home. Be careful when experimenting with natural remedies, they may eventually prove effective but if they aren’t working don’t give them more time than they deserve. Many of these pests are extremely prolific breeders, and any extra time that they have to breed within your home can cause the infestation to become dramatically worse.

4. Have You Contacted A Pest Control Provider?

If the time has come to use insecticides in your home you should not attempt to do so on your own. Unlike with natural remedies it can be very dangerous to apply chemicals throughout the home on your own. Insecticides should only be applied by a licenced pest control technician.

Licenced pest control providers understand the science behind bugs and other common household invaders. Unlike homeowners, pest control technicians know of all of the hiding places, mating habits and feeding routines of these pests. A technician will use this knowledge to their advantage, and take all of these factors into consideration when planning a customized removal strategy.

Don’t allow a pest problem to take over your home. Act quickly if you’re adamant about putting an end to your pest infestation, otherwise it could become much bigger than you’re prepared to handle.  Call a pest control professional today to learn more about the proper insecticide treatment for your home.

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