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Attic Pest Removal For Rats

Pests could be hiding in many places throughout your home, but one of the biggest threats is right above your head. The attic is one of the favorite places for many types of pests, including one of the most serious health threats: Rats. Rats and mice are extremely unsavory creatures, and they have caused many health epidemics throughout history. If you suspect that there could be rodents lurking above you it is important that you reach out to an experienced pest control provider right away. You have many options when it comes to exterminators, but it is important that you select a company that specializes in attic pest removal.

Attics Are A Popular Hiding Place For Pests

There are many efforts that you can take to seal your home from potential pest threats, but if you don’t apply these sealing steps to your attic then your hard work has been mostly useless. Not all pests are capable of sneaking into your attic, but some of the most dangerous varieties of intruders are notorious for doing just this. Many homeowners are used to squirrels and other wildlife sneaking into their attic, especially if there are trees over your home, but rats and other pests can sneak in just as easily.

Rats can slip into even the tiniest of openings. Rats are not a small pest, but they can enter a home through holes that are the size of a quarter, or gaps that are as small as 3/4th of an inch high. If you take a look around your attic, you are sure to find many openings that are this large or even bigger. Many attics feature unsecured vents, or openings that are only covered by insulation. Rats can fight their way past insulation without any problem, and once they’ve found their way in they begin to breed prolifically.

Find An Attic Pest Removal Provider Right Away

Rats may sneak into your attic, but they aren’t likely to stay there for long. As soon as they can find their way into other parts of your home they will, and they’ll start searching for food sources and leaving greasy trails and droppings all over your home. These pests are notorious for sneaking around in ventilation tubes, and if they die before they find their way out you’ll notice some very unpleasant smells throughout your home.

The source of these odors can be hard to identify, especially if they are hidden deep within your central heat and air system. It will take a professional exterminator to locate them, but one dead rat almost always means that there are live relatives still hiding within your home. A pest control expert that is experienced in attic pest removal will know all of the best ways to locate dead rats, as well as their family members that haven’t yet met the same fate.

Attempting to remove rodents from your attic or any other part of your home is a big mistake, and one that many Americans make each year. Doing so only gives these pests more time to spread bacteria and disease throughout your home, as well as rapidly reproduce. Before you know it you will be battling a much larger infestation, one that is sure not just be confined to the attic. Even if you don’t suspect an infestation, it is wise to contact an attic pest removal company so that they can assess the vulnerability of your home, as well as let you know about the best steps to take to ensure that rodents and other pests cannot sneak into your home.

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