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As you’ve hopefully discovered, this blog is designed to provide you with useful information on how to manage pests in your home.  But to change things up today, I thought we’d add a little humor.  Pests in your home can be frustrating, overwhelming and a source of major anxiety. However, I think most of us have experienced a few amusing moments when it comes to dealing with unwanted critters.  To lighten up the drudgery of pest control issues, here are a few of the silliest pest-related incidences I’ve heard of.

  1. What do you do when you’re on your way out the door and see a large frog sitting in the middle of your kitchen? If you’re my sister, you certainly don’t bother getting it outside out of your home.  Place a Tupperware container over it, trapping it, and leave it there for your husband to take care of. Not recommended.

  3. How do you deal with a lizard inside of your home? If I followed my grandmother’s example I would spray it with wasp killer until it was stunned into moving at a crawl and then beat it with a broom.  Also not recommended, many would frown upon this tactic.

  5. A friend of mine had daddy longlegs all over her garage and they got indoors from time to time.  These spiders aren’t usually a cause for concern because they are completely harmless to humans.  That changed the day she walked back into her living room to find her 2 year old putting one in her mouth.  Kids do the darndest things!

  7. When I was younger, we had somewhat of a squirrel problem.  They were in our attic, ran along the eves of our house and caused quite a commotion.  Once, while my sister, who is very easily scared, was home by herself, she heard a loud noise in our attic.  When she glanced out the second floor window, she saw a glimpse of gray hair around the back door.  Her 12 year old self immediately deduced that she had seen the top of a gray haired man’s head, who was inevitably trying to break into our home, so she called 911.  That was the day we found out we had squirrels in our attic and they frequently ran along the tops of doors and windowsills outside.  Fortunately, there were no elderly men trying to rob our home.

  9. Perhaps, my favorite pest mishap occurred when I was a junior in college. Several friends and I were hanging out in our dorm room.  One person was lying on the top bunk, when a roach ran across the ceiling and fell on to her bed.  These beds were lofted and only about 3 feet from the ceiling.  When she saw the roach, she sat up so fast, she slammed her head into the ceiling and knocked herself out cold.  Not to laugh at anyone’s misfortune, but once she came to I think that was the hardest I’ve ever laughed in my entire life.

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