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Cockroaches' Quirks Make Them Easier To Kill?

Cockroaches have a reputation for being some of the filthiest pests on the planet. Researchers at NC State University, however, actually say roaches are impeccably clean and spend vast amounts of time each day “grooming” themselves to stay that way. Years of research has led the scientists to hypothesize about ways fast-acting pest treatments could use this information to kill them more effectively.

It turns out roaches spend hours each day grooming their long, forward-facing antennae. The grooming process actually involves spreading a thin waxy film over the antennae themselves which helps the roach keep out water and harmful contaminants. The NC State scientists found that too much of the wax, however, led to impaired sensory abilities for the roaches leaving them confused and less able to defend themselves.

All this roach science could eventually mean good news for homeowners plagued with roach problems. In theory it’s possible to develop a thin dust or filmy chemical to treat the bugs directly – the thought is that cockroaches would then ingest the pesticide as they groom their antennae, which they do by running the appendages through their mouths. It may sound far-fetched but scientists are excited about the possibility of developing a new way to treat roach infestations.

The most effective way to treat for cockroaches currently is by using bait or traps that lure the pests with an ingestible poison. While generally effective, the poison only works if the roaches actually eat it and in turn spread it around with the rest of their colony. A mist pesticide would be far more effective in immediately killing the bugs and attaching to large numbers of roaches at once.

Though by scientific standards cockroaches are “clean” in the same way a housecat is, these hard-to-kill vermin are actually some of the nastiest pests frequently infesting US homes. They spread all types of diseases like salmonella and hepatitis and many people report skin allergies to the bugs themselves.

If you suspect your home has a cockroach problem you’re advised to contact a local pest control provider immediately. The sooner you treat an insect issue the more effective the treatment will be and many pest treatment providers offer regular treatments designed to keep your home bug-free. Rest assured if you’ve seen one cockroach in your home there are many, many more hiding nearby.

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