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Don’t Attempt DIY Removal: Call A Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed bugs are a serious problem, and many homeowners attempt to remove this pest on their own. This is a big mistake, and a bed bug population that is not properly controlled will just continue to grow. Bed bug exterminators are expertly trained in putting an end to this problem, a process that involves many products and chemicals that are not available for DIY use. Instead of attempting to control bed bugs on your own, make sure to call a professional bed bug exterminator right away.

Bed Bug Exterminators Are Essential

There are many types of pest problems that can be controlled with DIY methods, but bed bugs are not one of these pests. Essential oils, improved cleaning habits, sealing entrances and spreading powders or sprays throughout your home can all control certain pest populations, but bed bugs do not respond to any of these treatments. This is why these pests have been so notoriously hard to control.

Bed bugs were once completely removed from the United States, using an extremely potent chemical agent called DDT. This chemical successfully eliminated these pests from the country, and these blood-sucking bugs that were once present in just about every home were soon forgotten. It wasn’t until the last decade, with international travel and overpopulated cities at an all time high, that these pests reemerged.

A New Type Of Bed Bug Treatment

DDT has long been banned due to its negative side effects, and bed bug exterminators had to take some time to develop a new type of treatment that would be equally effective. In the early years of the return of bed bugs, many pest control companies insisted that a fresh start was required to get rid of these intruders. This meant getting rid of all furniture in the home, and oftentimes moving completely. Even this did not prove to be completely effective, as these bugs can hide out in the folds of clothing and your car.

After much research, bed bug exterminators discovered that the best way to battle these pests is using extreme temperatures. Heat treatments are the most effective, but drastically reducing the temperature of an infested home is also popular in certain areas of the country. If bed bugs find their way into your home a heat treatment will probably be used, and this type of pest control process requires some preparation.

Electronics run the risk of being ruined during heat treatments, and your bed bug exterminator may request that some items, such as computers and televisions, be removed from the home during treatment. This may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but replacing these items if they don’t survive treatment is both frustrating and expensive.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

If you suspect that these blood-sucking pests may be present in your home you should get in touch with a bed bug exterminator right away. The longer you wait to control this problem the harder it will be to remove, meaning more expensive or additional treatments may be required. By calling a bed bug exterminator today, you can ensure that your pest problems are successfully and quickly controlled.

Attempting to control bed bugs on your own will never be effective. These pests are so hard to control that they’ve even stumped the experts for years at a time. If you have already taken the time to attempt a DIY treatment, you’ve only given the bugs more time to spread throughout your house. To keep your family safe and free from the painful signs of bed bugs, get in touch with your local bed bug exterminator today.

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