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Getting Rid of Bugs When Pest Control Products Don’t Work

If pest control products have failed to remove an infestation, it is time to try a different approach. There are many ways to control a pest population, and some methods are more effective than others depending on many individual factors. Many homeowners have experienced positive results by changing their habits or attempting natural home remedies. These methods aren’t effective in every situation, and if they fail to show results like the pest control products you’ve tried, you should get in touch with a licensed pest control provider.

Change Your Habits

If you aren’t cleaning your home regularly, or even just letting a few dishes pile up overnight, you could be inviting all sorts of pests to your home. Small changes, like washing the dishes and taking the trash out daily, can make a big difference when it comes to controlling a pest population.

Another way that many homeowners see results is by removing sources of unnecessary moisture around their home. If pest control products have proved ineffective, it could be because the pests are still able to find a source of water. Even when deprived of food, a cockroach can live for up to three months – but that time is drastically reduced when they are without water. Make sure to regularly check for leaking pipes or appliances, doing so could be the solution to your pest problem.

Try A Natural Remedy

Various herbs and essential oils can naturally repel many types of household bugs, and you may see much better results with these natural remedies than with store-bought pest control products. Many homeowners prefer these control methods due to their non-toxic nature. Before you can fight a pest problem using these natural methods, you have to know what type of problem you have on your hands. Here are some of the most common pests that are found in American homes, as well as natural repellents:

  • Ants: Cucumber, mint, garlic and cloves have all been proven helpful in battling these tiny intruders.

  • Cockroaches: Catnip, bay leaves and beer-soaked bread crumbs can be effective in battling roaches if placed in the right areas. Cockroaches favor high places, so consider placing these items on the tops of your cabinets.

  • Flies: Eucalyptus oil, sweet basil, mint and bay leaves can all be helpful in repelling flies, try placing these in a cheesecloth sache and hanging it in the windows the doors of your home for the best effects.

  • Mosquitos: It’s no secret that mosquitos are repelled by citronella, and you can buy citronella oil and use it in many different ways. Put a bit on your wrists and neck before going outside, add a little bit to the wax of an outdoor candle. You can even spray a bit of this oil into your dryer for clothes that will naturally keep mosquitoes away. Make sure to use caution when adding this oil to the wax of a candle, as essential oils are very flammable.

Call A Pest Control Provider

Natural repellants and improved cleaning are no match for a large-scale infestation, and if you have a serious pest problem on your hands calling a pest control provider is your best bet. These experts have access to industrial-strength pest control products, as well as the knowledge required to use them properly to fight the infestation in your home. If you fear that the pest problem in your home is going to be too advanced to fight on your own, you should skip all other steps and get in touch with a provider right away. The longer you wait to make this call the more time the pest population in your home has to grow, making it much harder to control.

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