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Hawaiian Pest: Coqui Frog

Since most of our posts focus on problems specific to the mainland, we decided to dedicate one of our articles to pest problems in Hawaii.  While many of the pest topics we address may apply to our readers in Hawaii, we are aware that you have some pests that are very specific to your region.  Today’s topic is the coqui frog.

This species of frog was introduced to Hawaii in the late 80s, arriving via Puerto Rico.  The warm, humid climate that makes this state such a popular vacation spot, is also what allows pests like this to flourish.  Additionally, there are no natural predators for the coqui frog in Hawaii, which has allowed its population to explode. 

The coqui frog may pose some threats to certain native species and vegetation, but the main problem associated with this pest is the noise it makes.  The male coqui frogs make an extremely loud call that is a major nuisance to residents of Hawaii.  The shrieking call of these frogs usually occurs at night, hence why it is such a bother when they are around or near your home.

The noise is probably the most distinguishing feature of this pest, but it’s a good idea to be able to recognize it physically, so you will know which frogs you are trying to eradicate.  They can vary in color from a tannish yellow to dark brown color.  Coqui frogs typically have a robust belly and rounded face.  They also have suction cup pads on their toes.

The Hawaiian government is actively trying to eliminate this invasive species because of the problems they are causing.  Many people self remove these pests from their yards as they are not poisonous or toxic.  However, you can visit for more information on how to deal with and prevent coqui frogs.

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