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How To Keep The Summer Flies Away

The warm weather of summer typically brings with it an explosion of pests in and around your home.  Arguably one of the most common of these is the pesky fly.  Flies will pester you both inside your house and around decks and patios.  Flies are relatively harmless, but they can be quite a pain and they are experts at ruining a nice summer get together if guests are constantly swatting at these nuisances.  You may never be able to completely eradicate these pests, but there are several steps you can take to minimize their presence.

When it comes to defending the inside of your home from these invaders, the obvious first step is to prevent them from entering in the first place. It can be very tempting to leave doors and windows open when the weather is nice outside. However, you should only do this if you have screened doors and windows, otherwise you are inviting in a whole host of pests, especially flies, to enjoy the benefits of your air conditioned home.   It’s also very important to avoid attracting these bugs near the exterior of your home.  Trash left sitting outside or lidless outdoor cans are like a welcome sign for flies.  Anytime you have an outdoor barbeque or cookout, make sure to have the trash bins some distance from the party and keep food covered at all times.  Nothing is more unappetizing then a fly swimming in a bowl of baked beans.  Besides the fact that it’s gross and embarrassing for the host of the party, flies can carry and spread many different diseases.

If you find that some of these pests have made their way indoors, there are dozens of different fly trap and fly repellent products that can be used to eliminate this problem. However, be sure to act as soon as you notice them because they lay thousands of eggs and can multiply quickly.  Your local pest control expert can also offer specific product recommendations for treating fly problems.

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