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Keeping The Fruit Flies Away

fruit flyMany of us have had the unpleasant experience of a fruit fly infestation.  These pests can be brought in on produce and multiply rapidly, feeding on any accessible food sources in your kitchen.  The frustrating part is that people rarely see any evidence of fruit flies when they purchase fruit or vegetables.  These pests often appear to spontaneously generate out of thin air.  While they sometimes come home with you in or on produce, fruit flies can also come from outside as they are very common bugs.

One of the most obvious ways to prevent fruit flies is to keep fruit covered or put away when you aren’t using.  However, there are plenty of other types of food that attract the attention of fruit flies.  These pests primarily eat yeast, therefore alcohol left out is another major attractor of fruit flies.  Over ripe or rotten fruit should be promptly thrown away as well, because yeast is very prominent in this stage of a piece of fruit as it aids in the fermentation process.

Fruit flies can also become a major problem in outdoor trashcans and recycling bins.  To prevent this, be sure to always thoroughly rinse cans and bottles before you throw them away or recycle them.  Basic cleanliness around your kitchen and home significantly reduces the likelihood that fruit flies will infest your home.

If you find yourself facing fruit flies in your home there are a few things you can do to eliminate them.  Eliminating the source such as a basket of fruit is one option, but this may not completely solve the problem.  Another common homemade solution is to make a fruit fly trap.  This involves a bowl of vinegar and some sort of fruit or fruit scent.  You could put a piece of old fruit in the bowl or put in a few drops of citrus scented soap or detergent.  The scent will attract the flies and they will drown in the vinegar.

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