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Mosquitos’ Favorite Places To Live

Mosquitoes are a troublesome pest, and they’ve been known to carry a variety of diseases including West Nile virus. By educating yourself about the habits of this pest you can take the proper control measures, ensuring that you and your loved ones are not at risk. Here are some mosquito facts that can help you protect your family:

Mosquitos Love Standing Water

You are most likely to encounter mosquitoes in areas where standing water is present. This is reason that mosquitoes frequently become a problem following heavy rain or flooding. If the standing water is in small supply, such as puddles leftover from a storm, mosquitos will usually go away as soon as the water is removed.

If puddles are to blame, the problem can remedy itself quickly. After a day or two of sunny weather, these puddles should evaporate and no longer cause a problem. In wetlands, areas near ponds, or just generally rainy cities you face a tougher battle.

If you live in one of these perpetually moist areas, you’ll need to take steps to make your yard unappealing to mosquitoes. Bug zappers, chemical treatments, and all-natural remedies can all be effective methods of controlling a mosquito population. The best way to fight mosquitoes, however, is by taking proper preventive measures.

Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yard

If your area is naturally appealing to mosquitoes, you could be facing a pretty tough battle. Luckily there are several natural methods to repel mosquitoes. You may not be able to keep these pests out of your neighborhood, but you can at least solve the problem in your own yard. Here are a few easy ways to do so:

  • Plant an herb garden, several of the easiest herbs to grow are natural mosquito repellants. Consider planting fresh rosemary, peppermint, lavender and especially catnip in your yard if mosquitoes have become a problem.

  • Invest in a bottle of citronella oil and you’ll be able to ward off mosquitoes using a variety of methods. Burning this oil, adding it to the melted wax of outdoor candles, and spraying a mixture of the oil and distilled water around your yard will do wonders as an all natural repellant. Spray a little bit of this oil and water solution on a sponge and add it to your dryer, this can keep mosquitoes from biting you and your loved ones even when you’re away from home. Before spraying any essential oil in your yard, apply small patch tests to ensure that the solution is not too strong.

  • Stop knocking down spider webs if you’re hoping to prevent mosquitos. Take some time to research the spiders that are common in your area, there are very few varieties of spiders throughout the US that actually present a threat to humans. Allowing non-harmful spiders to stick around in the corners of your home can prevent mosquitos and other pests from becoming a problem.

Don’t wait until mosquitoes have terrorized you and your loved ones to take the proper control steps. Applying all of these tips before mosquitoes ever arrive will prevent the chance of any unnecessary bites taking place. These bites may seem like an unavoidable issue in your area, but they can lead to serious side effects and consequences.

If mosquitoes continue to be a problem in your yard after attempting these methods, you should get in touch with a local pest control provider. They will have access to the chemical treatments that will be required to eliminate these advanced infestations. Make sure to select a pest control company that has experience in battling mosquitoes, and offers specialized treatments for these dangerous and annoying pests.

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