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Pest Control Summit Breaks Records In Florida

Last week over 200 pest control and lawn care representatives met in Orlando, Florida to discuss the state of the industry. It was the largest crowd since 2008 and the tone of the meeting was hopeful and generally growth-focused. One of the topics covered in-depth at this year’s “Lawn Care Summit” was pest control and lawn care marketing and how small businesses can find big results by simply providing better customer service.

So what does all this industry talk mean for you, the consumer? If the pest control summit was any indication of future marketing efforts you can expect pest control providers in your area to be ramping up their advertising efforts very soon. While some may tempt new customers with too-good-to-be-true deals and enticing entry offers it’s important to remember what you should expect from any reputable pest control maintenance company.

First and foremost, your pest control provider should never quote you a complete price over the phone. Until they’ve seen your property firsthand it’s impossible to know what kind of treatment and protection you may need, so ask for an inspection first. Secondly, a good pest control provider will follow up with you past the point of sale; did your treatment work as planned? Do you have any questions or concerns? Customer service isn’t just a marketing gimmick, it’s good business.

One of the best things to come from this year’s pest control summit in Orlando was an emphasis on returning, loyal customers. Pest control managers were encouraged time and again to retain longtime customers at any cost – the trust that’s built over years of service is irreplaceable. Loyal customers deserve the highest level of service provided in the industry.

If you’ve been with the same lawn care or pest control provider for years you should periodically check your payment plan against others in the area to make sure you’re still getting a deal. But be careful to compare apples to apples: a cheaper plan that doesn’t include quarterly maintenance may be inferior to a more costly plan that provides a higher level of service. Weigh your needs with the offerings of your local pest control companies and expect better than minimal customer service. Pest control companies across the US are learning quickly how important it is to please their customers year after year, not just when they first sign up for service.

If you have questions about what to expect from a local pest control provider, contact a representative in your area today for more information.

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