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Preparing For The Fall Influx Of Pests

As the temperatures finally start to cool down, you may start to notice a few bugs here and there.  You don’t necessarily need to assume that you have a full blown infestation just because you’ve seen a few pests around.  However, now is the time to start taking precautions to avoid such a problem.  Pests will do their best to find a way inside your home to avoid the cold temperatures.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, one of the best defenses you have against pests is sealing off their entryways into your home. Unfortunately most pests can get through very small openings and there are hundreds of them around a house.  Weather stripping along doors is a key prevention method. This actually serves two purposes; it keeps bugs out and keeps cold air out to save you a few bucks on your power bill.  You should also do a careful inspection around window and the foundation of your home for cracks, which should all be sealed with caulk.

It’s also a good time to consider having a pest control professional come out to your home for a preventative treatment.  There are certain insecticide sprays that can be applied around the base of foundation or doors and windows to stop pests s they try to enter your home.

Another great way to prevent pests is to do a little fall cleaning.  The more mess and clutter in your home, the more hiding places you create for pests.  Crumbs untidy food stations also create major incentive for bugs to come into your home.  These critters will come into your home looking for warmth, but if they find plenty of food to sustain them they will likely stay and even reproduce, turning a few bugs into the masses.

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