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Questions To Ask When Interviewing Pest Control Providers
Whether you’ve moved to a new area, bought your first home, or even noticed an infestation you’re just not sure how to tackle, hiring a pest control company is a big decision to make. As any seasoned homeowner will tell you, securing regular pest control maintenance is good for the life of your home as well as your peace of mind. There’s nothing worse than being caught off guard by pests when you’re unprotected.

If you’ve begun the process of interviewing pest control companies for home monitoring and treatment services, keep in mind these few questions you should be sure to ask.


What kind of pests do you regularly treat for and/or specialize in?
This is an important question in areas where specific pests are common. For example, Arizonans may be more concerned about termite damage while Georgians may worry about spiders. Find out what the pest control company you’re interviewing with has the most experience with before you sign.

Are you licensed and bonded?
Any legitimate pest control company will be state licensed and bonded. Check with your state’s Pest Control Board to get a list of your area’s licensed operators.

What different service plans are available?
It’s great to know before you meet with providers what you’re looking for. Do you simply need annual termite treatment or do you prefer a more comprehensive quarterly plan? Also check to see what each “visit” includes – will you receive a full inspection or just a quick spray?

What are the contract lengths? Can I cancel?
It’s important to know whether or not your pest control company offers long-term plans, how they’ll bill you and whether or not they offer automatic renewal.

Does your company offer any all-organic options?
If you’re concerned about the environment and the health and safety of your family and pets, an all-organic pest control option may work best for you. While only a few select pest control providers offer organic treatment solutions they’re not impossible to find – just make sure you ask your operator what options you’ll have when it comes to choosing chemical treatment.

Whether you’re choosing a pest control company for the first time or you’re just ready for a change it’s important to get all the facts before you sign a contract. Asking these questions will show any reputable pest control provider you know your stuff and that you mean business when it comes to keeping your home bug-free.

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