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Rat Droppings Can Be The Sign Of A Serious Infestation

Rat infestation is a problem for many homeowners, and these pests have been troublesome for a very long time. The black plague that wiped out a giant portion of the European population was spread by the rats that were so common in homes during this time, and while the chance of plague is rare there are many other diseases and bacteria that could be introduced to your home due to rodent infestation.

Rat Droppings Spread Disease

There are many diseases that have been linked to rat infestation, several of which can have fatal side-effects. Rats spread bacteria in many ways, but the most common way is through their droppings. These pests produce an astonishing amount of droppings in very little time, and as a rodent population grows so does the amount of droppings that are present in your home.

Rats need food to survive, and they will search all over your home until they locate it. They will eventually find it, and when they do they will leave droppings in the areas where your food is stored. These rat droppings coming in direct contact with your food is one of the quickest ways for you to get sick, so it is important that you take care of a rodent population as soon as you suspect that it has become a problem.

One Rat Is The Sign Of Many More

If you find a rat, either living or dead, in your home it usually means that many more are present. Rats reproduce extremely quickly, and the chances are that several generation of rats have been born in your home by the time you spot one. Don’t take a single rat spotting lightly, as soon as you see a rodent you should get in touch with a pest control professional.

Mouse traps and rat poison are common control methods, but neither are as effective as having a pest control professional visit your home. They know everything there is to know about rats, and they’ll be able to identify their most common hiding places and all of the signs of their presence. DIY control techniques can successfully eliminate a small rodent problem, but unfortunately by the time the rats come in contact with these products the population has probably grown to an uncontrollable level.

An expert will have access to advanced chemical treatments that will eliminate the entire rodent population in your home very quickly. Instead of wasting your money on DIY treatments, you should get in touch with a rodent control company right away. They will be able to assess the severity of your infestation, and will even remove the dead rodents from your home. These carcuses can be just as dangerous to your health as live pests, as the bacteria and diseases that these pests carry live on after the rodent has died.

Don’t Just Remove Rodents: Remove Rat Droppings As Well

Even after a rodent population has been controlled, rat droppings can remain in your home. It is extremely important that you take the time to clean up all of these droppings, otherwise all of the rat-associated health risks are still present in your home. A rodent control provider will know how to spot and remove rat droppings, a task that can be challenging for the inexperienced homeowner.

Don’t take rat infestation lightly, doing so puts you and your loved ones at risk. Get in touch with a rodent control expert today to find out if rats are present in your home, and if there are open entryways that could lead to infestation. The sooner you seal these openings and remove existing pests the safer your family will be.

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