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Spring Is Near…Is Your Garden Ready?

April showers mean spring flowers – and bugs! After a frigid winter many are looking forward to the beautiful blooms of the spring season but with the gorgeous flora come a whole host of pests. The best thing you can do to protect your garden is plan ahead and keep an eye out for some of the most common spring insects.

APHIDS: Aphids are perhaps the most common (and dreaded) of the spring pests because they’re known to feed on the newest, greenest growth. From spring vegetables and herbs to tulips and fresh sod, aphids have an appetite for anything worth cultivating. The most effective treatment for these pests include chemical pesticides and natural remedies like Lady Bugs.

LADY BUGS: Speaking of lady bugs…these pervasive spring insects do more help than harm so if you can stand it, keep them around. Lady bugs are known to invade houses by the dozens but they’ll stay away if you keep doors and windows closed. Preferring to munch on other bugs like aphids and mites, Lady Bugs won’t hurt your spring foliage.

BITING MIDGES: Most common in coastal, low-lying areas these pesky insects sting and can cause significant damage to fruit trees. Recognized by their itchy, uncomfortable bites, biting midges are most worrysome when found in farming communities and are best treated with professional pesticides.

BEES and HORNETS: Stinging bugs like bees, hornets, and even wasps come out in droves when spring hits, mostly to pollinate flowers and develop their colonies. While these bugs aren’t particularly harmful and can even benefit your garden they can be nuisances to humans. Particularly if you’re allergic consider investing in stinging insect traps or organic treatments that will keep them away from doors and heavily-travelled walkways.

Spring is prime time for planting and depending on your area’s climate, for bugs too. If you have questions about the type of insects common in your region contact a local pest control professional. It may be wise to set up an annual pest treatment plan if you find yourself year after year combating the same bothersome insects. Taking care now to treat your garden and watch for intruders will save you miles of hassle in the long run, and perhaps a plant or two to boot!

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