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Spring's Stinging Insects: What To Know
Stinging insects are out in force and with the weather warming up they’re bound to show up near your home soon. While some people are deathly allergic to the venomous sting of insects, most simply find these bugs a nuisance they’d like to keep far from their house. With so much press lately about the decline in bee populations it makes sense to take a look at a few of the most common stinging insects sure to buzz your way soon…


There are dozens of different types of bees. Honeybees are, of course, crucial to plants and crops in the US and rarely sting humans. Carpenter bees and bumblebees, too, are fairly unaggressive and simply enjoy colorful flowers around Spring. Africanized killer bees are rare in the US but have been seen – if stung by one, seek medical attention immediately. The best way to get rid of bees is to simply remove the draw – whether it’s water or flowers – that brings them near your home. If all else fails, call a pest professional.



Yellow Jackets are the most commonly seen hornets and European Hornets are seen throughout England and parts of the US as well. Hornets pose a greater risk to humans and often find their way indoors. If you seem to have more hornets around your home than you’re comfortable with (particularly if you have small children or pets) it’s smart to call in a pest control pro.



Wasps are a curious bunch and the most dangerous of all the stinging insects on this list. Their sting is incredibly painful for most people and allergic reactions are more common, too. There are many different kinds of wasps found throughout the US including Paper Wasps and Dirt Dobbers. The latter is frequently seen in the southern states and builds a visible, obtrusive structure in corners of porches, decks, and ceilings. Call in a bug professional in your area to handle wasps. Spring’s stinging insects are usually easily contained, but it’s never smart to try and deal with them on your own. If you have a large number of stinging bugs hanging out around your house it’s a good idea to call in a local pest control company to avoid the risk of being stung. While most stings are simply unpleasant, a multitude of stings even from bumblebees can be deadly.

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