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Squirrels In The Attic

No one likes to have bugs in their home, but a rodent problem is even more unnerving. Squirrels aren’t usually considered a pest and don’t carry the same unsettling connotation that rats do.  However, if they manage to get inside your home, they will quickly become your enemy.  Squirrels may not be known for carrying diseases the way some other rodents are, but they can still be a major nuisance.  They will run amuck in your attic, especially at night, which can make for some sleepless nights.

Squirrels usually move indoors to escape the cold weather and to look for a safe place to breed.  The problem with squirrels is that once one moves into your home, several more will likely join.  Squirrels leave behind a scent that attracts more squirrels. 

The most obvious way to avoid a squirrel problem is to close off their entry point.  The problem with this is finding it.  Squirrels can squeeze through very small openings; a loose board or a vent.  The other issue you have is finding a time when the squirrels aren’t in the attic to look for their opening.  You should also trim tree branches that lean up close to your house as this provides a bridge to the roof of your home, without which they will have a much more difficult time getting inside.

Unless you have experience and a permit for using animal traps, we don’t recommend trying to catch these animals on your own.  The best option is to contact a pest control professional or your local animal control department to assist with this.  You may have heard of some of the many homemade options for preventing squirrels, some of which may have some success, but generally these options are much less reliable and professional help is your safest option.

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