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Tennessee has a temperate climate, but the diverse terrain results in wide temperature and precipitation differences. This also means that the state has a wide variety of pests that commonly make their way into your home. Most of the pests found in Tennessee are also common throughout the region and the United States. As always, the more you know about the pests you might face, the better prepared you will be to protect your home against these intruders.\

Pantry pests are a major problem in Tennessee, and there are a wide variety of species that will take up residence in your food supplies. The bean weevil is a common offender in Tennessee. These pests enter the house on beans, which are usually stored for a while before consuming. While in storage, bean weevils will continue to live and breed inside your pantry. By the time you take out a jar of beans or peas to use, they could be ruined. Also common in Tennessee is the red flour beetle and the confused flour beetle, which are small, brownish-red insects that can infest your pantry. These pests are commonly found in beans, cereals and flour. These beetles can reproduce inside your household foods and will then spread to other parts of your kitchen in search of additional items to consume. Similarly, the Indian meal moth feeds on many pantry items mentioned above. However, this pest has wings and can be seen flying around your kitchen, making it even more of a nuisance. While these pests don’t cause any major damage, they can ruin food products, and are generally unpleasant to have as house guests. Another pantry pest, the carpet beetle, prefers to feed on animal skins and furs. In your home, food for carpet beetles can come in a variety of forms, from dead insects to fur clothes. The larvae of carpet beetles are the ones that cause the damage, not the adults.

Silverfish and firebrats are also common in Tennessee homes. These pests prefer moist areas such as basements or bathrooms and primarily come out at nighttime. Silverfish have a fish-like shape and are grayish silver in color with pinchers. Though they are not poisonous, they can pinch you. Firebrats are also silver in color and they often move indoors in search of warmth.

The boxelder bug is another very well known pest in Tennessee. As expected from their name, these bugs primarily feed on the seeds of the boxelder tree. However, they can also be found on many other types of plants and trees commonly found in Tennessee. Though these bugs start out as an outdoor problem, in the fall and winter, they often move inside to escape the cold temperatures. Boxelder bugs also feed on other insects, and a noticeable presence of them in your home could indicate other household insect problems. It’s no secret that any bugs inside your home are considered a nuisance, but the boxelder bug is harmless.

These are just a few of the pests common in Tennessee. Other common home invaders include cockroaches, ants, spiders, rodents and ticks.