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Tips For A Mosquito-Free Patio

There are few pests that could be considered as irritating and bothersome as mosquitoes.  Especially as the temperatures rise along with the humidity, these bugs will be out in full force.  Most people experience small, itchy, red welts when bitten, but some individuals respond much more dramatically to a mosquito bite.  Apart from the uncomfortable bites they deliver, mosquitoes can carry many diseases, which they can transmit with their bites. Pest control experts can provide you with safe and effective chemicals to repel and eliminate mosquitoes, but there are also a few tricks you can try on your own to relieve your mosquito problem. Keeping mosquitoes out of your yard entirely is a whole different and more difficult topic, but you can try several methods of repelling them from you or your patio when you are outside.

There are a few different types of herbs that mosquitoes do not like such as rosemary and garlic. If you’re planning to have a barbeque out on your patio or just enjoy reading on your porch, drop some rosemary leaves or garlic cloves in a few jars and spread them around to fend off these pests.  Another easy way to keep mosquitoes away from you is with a fan. This is a very simple solution and it will keep you cool at the same time. Mosquitoes prefer stagnant air and will have trouble landing on you with a bit of a breeze, making a fan a great solution.

It’s a well known fact that mosquitoes are attracted to standing water. However, you may overlook many smaller sources of standing water such as collected inside children’s toys after a rain or around patio plants after watering.  Obviously keeping up with this constantly is more trouble than it’s worth, but if you do a quick run through your yard for these subtle sources of water before any big outdoor event at your home you can reduce the mosquitoes bothering your guests.  Citronella candles are also a great repellent of mosquitoes and use a natural aroma that is safe to humans and animals.  Placing a few candles to your deck will add a nice ambiance too so it’s a win win!

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