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4 Pests to Prevent (That AREN'T Bugs!)

Pest prevention isn’t just about keeping bugs at bay. Of course, spiders, bed bugs, and termites are a big problem but there are lots of non-insect pests that would love nothing more than to call your house their home.

Homeowners should be aware of all the pests in their area and fortify their homes and yards to prevent damage. Here are a few of the most commonly overlooked pest problems that don’t involve a single bug!


Squirrels can be cute when they’re scampering around your yard…but not so cute when they’re scurrying across you roof at 3:00am. Nearly every US climate can support some species of squirrel and though most prefer to stay far away from people and buildings, others can be bold. Squirrels will nibble on anything that gets in their way and they love to feast on carefully-cultivated garden plants. Often they can be eradicated by placing fencing or other barriers in their way, but you may need a professional if you’ve got squirrels inside your home.


Lizards aren’t necessarily harmful, but they’re certainly nothing you want to find in your home! Usually controlled by proper sealing of doors and windows, lizards can be an indication of a larger issue. Most lizards feast on bugs of all kinds, so if you notice an increase in lizards around your house you may need to worry that you have a larger bug infestation to take care of.


Rodents are the bane of any homeowner’s existence, and mice come in all shapes and sizes. Eating anything they can find, mice will gnaw on your woodwork, your human food, and even pet food. Mice carry all kinds of diseases and leave tell-tale signs like droppings and refuse – when you see one there are likely hundreds more behind your walls. If you’ve noticed mice (or rats) in your home don’t simply set out traps. Your best bet to nipping your mouse problem in the bud is calling in a professional immediately.


Raccoons are dirty, sneaky animals. They eat anything the can find and love nothing more than a heaping pile of trash. The easiest way to get rid of these pests is to remove any trash or food sources away from the outside of your home, but if you’ve got evidence of raccoons in your basement or attic you need to figure out how they’re getting in. Anything from an open AC vent to a cat door can be an invitation to a raccoon to come inside and chow down.

If you’ve got unusual pests in or around your home, call a pest professional as soon as possible. Pest problems don’t have to be a major hassle, but the sooner you catch them the better.

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