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Orkin, an Atlanta-based pest control company, is one of the biggest names in pest control, and has been in business for over 100 years.

What We Like:

Orkin is a reliable name throughout 46 states and 400 different locations.

It has one of the broadest pest control portfolios within the industry.

Orkin’s technician training is above anything else in the industry.

GreenPro Certified QualityPro Certified Training Magazine Top 125

Our Rating

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Arrow Exterminators

Our Rating: 9

Arrow Exterminators is a 32-year old business that provides excellent pest control service for the Southern U.S.

What We Like:

Arrow’s lawn care services help prevent pests from thriving in your backyard.

Arrow offers free evaluations that bring costs down for customers and ensure that problems will be treated in the most effective way possible.

The company’s initial home evaluations also ensure that they’re using sustainability options.

QualityPro Certified

Orkin vs. Arrow Exterminators

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Massey Services

Our Rating: 8

Massey Services is one of the newer names in pest control service, but has established a reputation for specialized Southern pest control and hard-to-beat prices.

What We Like:

Massey’s pest control portfolio is specially targeted toward common pests throughout the Southwest and Florida panhandle.

Massey’s technicians have positive reviews for being friendly, helpful and attentive.

Massey’s prices are often less than other similar companies.

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Cook’s Pest Control

Our Rating: 8.5

Cook’s Pest Control has nearly 100 years of experience in the Southern U.S. The company’s technicians are trained well to both prevent and treat pests in the region.

What We Like:

Cook’s four-step perimeter protection system offers a great way to be proactive about pest control.

The company offers an array of free evaluations for customers.

Cook’s costs are kept low because of its free evaluations, and it also offers a money-back guarantee.

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Western Exterminator

Our Rating: 8

Western Exterminator has serviced the Western U.S. for nearly 100 years, providing a wide variety of treatment options for different pests while at a great price.

What We Like:

Western Exterminator offers both commercial and residential services as well as green treatment options that are environmentally friendly.

The company’s technicians are known to show up on time and complete service in a friendly, courteous manner.

Western Exterminator’s free inspections and no annual contract allows customers to keep their costs down.

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Clark Pest Control

Our Rating: 9.25

Clark Pest Control is one of the industry’s largest family-owned pest control companies and the biggest throughout the Western region.

What We Like:

Clark offers a customizable lawn care service where customers can pick which lawn and garden services they need.

Clark offers sustainable methods for all pest control and lawn care issues.

Clark’s technicians have been identified in customer reviews as being very professional.

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Trutech Wildlife Service

Our Rating: 8

Trutech is one of the largest animal control and removal companies throughout the U.S. and its technicians are known to be some of the most knowledgeable and educated within the industry.

What We Like:

Trutech offers a hands-on approach through immediate assistance and education for customers.

Customer safety is a top priority for the company.

Trutech also has a bilingual support line and humane removal options, making their services both accessible and safe for both the people and animals.


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Waltham Pest Services

Our Rating: 8.5

Waltham Pest Services is offered throughout New England, and it is the largest independent pest control operation in the region.

What We Like:

Waltham has specialized programs for a multitude of pests common to the Northeast region.

The company was one of the pioneers for environmentally and ethical pest management.

Customers have reviewed Waltham’s costs as reasonable for the type of equipment and technician experience that is used.

BBB A+ Rating

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HomeTeam Pest Defense

Our Rating: 8

HomeTeam Pest Defense has only been in business for 20 years, but it has managed to develop its company as a recognized name in pest control for both homeowners and home builders.

What We Like:

The company performs more than one million pest control services each year.

HomeTeam has specialty services targeted towards home builders to ensure they’re preventing termite infestations.

HomeTeam’s costs include a 100% satisfaction guarantee for termite treatments.

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Critter Control

Our Rating: 7.5

Critter Control offers animal control and removal for the full spectrum of wildlife issues throughout 39 states in the U.S. as well as two Canadian provinces.

What We Like:

Critter Control has an extensive portfolio of wildlife that it helps to remove.

Technicians are specifically trained to help remove wildlife that are specific to the areas they’re working in.

The company is known to be very reliable because of its widespread reach throughout North America.


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Northwest Exterminating

Our Rating: 9

Northwest Exterminating has serviced the Southeastern U.S. for more than 65 years and specializes in both residential and commercial pest control.

What We Like:

The company offers preventative services such as lawn care, insulation and HVAC service.

Customers have reported exceptional service from technicians, and any minor setbacks were overshadowed by glowing reviews.

Northwest Exterminating offers some of the hardest-to-beat prices within the industry.

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Our Rating: 9

Ehrlich is an 80-year old company that services throughout the Eastern U.S. and has developed some of the best customer service within the pest control industry.

What We Like:

Ehrlich’s technicians are devoted to one home from start to finish, making the process easier for customers to get information.

Individual technicians have received glowing reviews for professionalism, punctuality and persistence.

The customer service team has been known to swiftly rectify any problems customers might have.

Ehrlich vs. Truly Nolen

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Truly Nolen

Our Rating: 9

Truly Nolen is both a family-owned business enterprise and franchise powerhouse that has provided amazing service throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada.

What We Like:

Truly Nolen’s environmentally safe choices ensure that you can still enjoy your home while it’s being treated.

The company has done extensive research to ensure the naturally occurring products it uses yield some of the best results in the industry.

The satisfaction guarantee also ensures that you will be happy with the end result and the method used to treat your pest problem.

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Western Pest Services

Our Rating: 8.75

Western Pest Services has been in business for about 90 years, and has since established itself as a fully reliable option for pest control.

What We Like:

Western Pest Services’ technicians are trained to the highest standard.

The company offers both free inspections and a money-back guarantee.

Western Pest Services also has an A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation.

BBB A+ Rating
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Hiring A Pest Control Professional

When pests set up housekeeping in your home, sometimes it’s “a problem that’s bigger than you.” Often the solution is in a product that only certified pest control technicians can apply. A little effort can make a huge difference when you call in the professionals.

Types of Pest Control

Before investing time and money into pest control, first understand the basic varieties of pest control and what methods are appropriate for your property or pest issue.

Types of Termite Control

Different types of treatments are necessary to tailor to the various termite species causing problems. And removing the termites themselves is half the battle – the other half is beating them to the punch before they eat a significant amount of wood in your home.

Pest Control Pricing

With an exterminator visit costing the same amount that would feed one’s family at a nice restaurant, not every homeowner is ready to whip out a checkbook and take off work for professional servicing. When is professional pest control really called for?