Ehrlich vs. Truly Nolen

Ehrlich vs. Truly Nolen

If you’re at the point where you’re hiring a professional to get rid of pests, you’ve likely resigned yourself to parting with a large outlay of cash. But with dozens of service providers in many cities, it’s a tough call on which pest control company is the best answer to your problem. This may depend on your type of pest, your geographic area, and whether your home needs ongoing treatments. The good news is that there are many reputable companies vying for your business. The bad news? It’s unclear which one may be most cost-effective for you.


Truly Nolen Pest and Termite Control and Ehrlich Pest Control are two such companies with reputations that have spread across the eastern seaboardWhile both have earned accolades in their industry, they each have advantages and disadvantages for certain homeowners.   

We’ve compared these East Coast dynamos across four different categories: reliabilityfeatures and services providedcustomer service and reviews, and cost. This can help you weigh the pros and cons of both of these industry leaders to help you make the right choice for your home and your wallet.

Our Rating

Both Ehrlich and Truly Nolen offer competitive pricing and have their fair share of mixed reviews regarding customer satisfaction. Since both have services that overlap one another, your best option may be to choose the company with locations and specialties relevant to your specific needs.

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Reliability is a key factor when one considers that the average pest control bill in 2016 was $177. Ehrlich’s unified structure and reputation for streamlined service surpassed Truly Nolen’s in this category, while Truly Nolen’s more localized branches may prove more helpful for customers for urgent matters. This toss-up ties the two.

Our Rating

The companies go head to head in this first and most important category. Both score points for their reliability in the regions they serve.  


Truly Nolen:

United vs. Franchised Company

Both companies enjoy the advantage of having started as family-owned enterprises, though Ehrlich, while a subsidiary of Rentokil Steritech, remains a unified company. On the other hand, Truly Nolen’s franchises made industry news recently: Angie’s List recognized six of its service offices among its 2017 Super Service Award winners. Still, Ehrlich maintains an impressive reputation for consistent, standardized customer service.

Years in Business

Ehrlich has been around since 1928 and Truly Nolen since 1938. Both have gone through major transitional times for their industry, including the environmental movement of the 1970s, and have had years to hone their skills and streamline their businesses.

National Reach

Truly Nolen wins this subcategory in more ways than one: 80 offices across 7 states means denser coverage of its region, while Ehrlich’s 50 offices are spread across 20 states.

Features & Services Provided

Both companies earned excellent scores in terms of the features and services they offered customers, and geography is a key factor in which company would benefit a given prospective customer the most. Both companies serve commercial and residential properties and have honed their expertise in large-scale pest control.

Our Rating

Once again, Ehrlich and Truly Nolen shine in their own way with scores of 10 out of 10.


Truly Nolen:

Pests Treated

There are outstanding pest service options in both organizations that are boons for different geographic regions. Ehrlich champions a preventative program guaranteeing protection from 36 common household pests. Pestfree365 comes with a promise that technicians will quickly respond to any concerns that arise. This plan provides regularly scheduled inspections and service complete with detailed reports at each visit. Ehrlich also offers related services like shrub protection and deer management. One service not commonly offered by its competitors is bioremediation, useful to combat flies that enter the home through the drain.

Truly Nolen offers specialized services that focus on termite removal, lawn care, rodents, and residential bed bugs. The company also treats scorpions, which are common to the region it serves. One feature not offered by other pest control companies is its filter service for customer’s home heating and air conditioning system (only available to current Truly Nolen customers.) For Florida residents, it offers the unique service of “Florida Lawn Care” for landscaping issues specific to that region’s unique nutritional soil requirements, local insects, and year-round bug season. It also tailors pesticide applications to when insects are present in high numbers.

Technician Training

Technicians must complete Ehrlich’s rigorous Career Advancement program and also enjoy access to ongoing training programs. to keep their skills sharp. Ehrlich pest control technicians specialize in either commercial or residential properties, the latter specially trained to provide services safe for children and pets.  the company employs entomologists as Integrated Pest Management specialists. Staff entomologists assist technicians and operations managers in escalated pest issues. the 12,000-square-foot Truly Nolen Leadership Center opened its doors for team member training. There is also an expansive training program for franchisees.

Free Inspections and Estimates

Both Ehrlich and Truly Nolan offer free estimates.

Green Pest Control

Both respond to customer demand in different ways. Ehrlich is also Green Shield Certified to provide green pest control services. 

Customer Support & Reviews

Ehrlich beats Truly Nolen in this division, consistently rating higher amongst customer review sites, even ones known chiefly for escalated complaints like Better Business Bureau and

Our Rating

In the end, Truly Nolen seemed to have a few complaints of communication and administrative errors while Ehrlich’s technicians were highly praised for their work in the field.


Truly Nolen:

Word on the Street

While Ehrlich has experienced snags getting a service professional out on some customers’ property, there is widespread high praise for Ehrlich technicians when they do come. They are repeatedly cited for their friendly, prompt, efficient service. Timely follow-ups and the ability to have one person who can track the service activity at a residence also push Ehrlich through the door.  Others praise the pressure-free nature of the service treatment with recommendations on how to troubleshoot future pest issues.

Truly Nolen gets relatively high marks across the board as well, but online reviewers don’t volunteer praise for Truly Nolen technicians in the same way they do for Ehrlich’s.

Punctuality and Professionalism

Customers often expressed appreciation for Ehrlich technicians coming at scheduled times and arriving promptly. There are occasional issues of having trouble getting a phone call return or an urgent call serviced. But even with the occasional rogue technician who is unfriendly or unhelpful, Ehrlich stepped in and rectified the matter swiftly and easily, swaying the final tone of a customer review. Again, Truly Nolen has a decent reputation, but customers dinged the company for the occasional administrative mix-up.


Both Truly Nolen and Ehrlich had solid records on their employees’ persistence in resolving pest control problems, with team members for both companies showing a willingness to return and retreat properties as needed.


With so many variables affecting pest control costs, we’ve focused on whether a company makes it possible for consumers to make a non-pressured choice, and to what extent they back up their work. Ehrlich’s free initial inspections keep costs down for the consumer. Those unhappy with Ehrlich’s high price will find Truly Nolen’s cost estimates are slightly more specific and useful, with more competitive flat fees. 

Our Rating

In the end, Ehrlich’s prices are sometimes higher than Truly’s flat fees.


Truly Nolen:


With Ehrlich and Truly Nolen’s service areas partially overlapping, the best option for a consumer can vary by pest challenge and geography. Ehrlich’s deer management services and bioremediation will appeal to consumers living in affected by deer-related property damage, or who seek an eco-friendly solution to common drain fly issues. Florida residents, particularly those interested in combining pest control and lawn care, may likely head first to Truly Nolen’s specialized packages. Both companies have great service packages for the right customers. Whoever you are and whatever pest is pestering you, there is an excellent match in one of these two companies.

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