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5 Bugs That Keep Other Pests Away

You may not think there are bugs you’d like to see around your home, but certain bugs could be beneficial. Having a couple of ‘good bugs’ in your garden could eliminate other pests that are more of a nuisance to both your plants and your family. Take a look at this list of beneficial bugs before giving a pest control company a call.

The Assassin Bug

The Assassin Bug may sound and look intimidating, but this bug can be a good thing to see in your garden. Their enemies include beetles, flies, mosquitoes and other pests that could be plaguing your home. If you attempt to capture this pest it could leave you with a painful bite, so if you see it in your garden just leave it as is.

The Honey Bee

Stepping on a bee could leave you with a nasty sting, but leaving a honey bee in your yard can lead to beautiful pollinated plants. Bees are so important to the ecosystem that the EPA now requires that pesticides be clearly labeled if they can prove harmful to them. If you spot one of these fuzzy little bugs just use caution and leave it be. The best way to get a bee to leave you alone is to lead by example. Bees typically will not attack unless they feel threatened, so keeping your distance can keep your plans pollinated and looking better than ever before.



Dragonflies are drawn to water, so if you have a pool or a large body of water near your home then you’re probably already seeing quite a few. Thankfully Dragonflies can cut down on your pest control needs by consuming mosquitoes, aphids and other bugs. Dragonflies to not sting and while they can bite you it is very unlikely that they would attempt to do so unless being provoked.


The Lady Beetle (or Ladybug) is a harmless bug that even most children are capable of identifying. There are many different types of Ladybugs, but their larvae is actually the more effective pest control method. Hungry ladybug larvae will eat many types of bugs including aphids, mealybugs, spider mites as well as the eggs of various insects.

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

The Praying Mantis is a large green bug that can make a huge impact when it comes to pest control. This bug will eat just about anything it can, from small bugs like mosquitoes to larger pests like bees and frogs. Don’t allow your lawn to become overrun with these green giants, however, because eventually they may run out of other food sources and start feasting on the other beneficial bugs in your yard.


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