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5 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Home Roach Free

Cockroaches are one of the most common household pests and arguably the most detested by homeowners.  These pests are invasive and have no problem making themselves comfortable inside your home.  Cockroaches are more than just an unpleasant nuisance to have around, as they can also spread diseases, aggravate asthma problems and emit unpleasant odors.  If you develop a significant roach problem in your home, you will most likely have to seek professional help to eliminate these pests. However, there are several steps you can take around your home to prevent and alleviate cockroach problems from occurring.


        1. Many species of cockroaches common in American homes prefer moist areas and will seek out such places indoors.  Bathrooms are especially prone to moisture and this is an area to which you should pay special attention.  Leaky faucets in sinks or tubs allow for constant standing water and should be immediately fixed to avoid attracting these unwanted creatures.  Also be sure to avoid leaving damp towels out in either the bathroom or kitchen as this will also draw in these pests.


        1. Another cockroach attractor is food.  These pests are not picky eaters and will consider any food or crumbs left out to be a feast.  Beyond just the kitchen, be aware of crumbs being left throughout the house such as in couch cushions or in garbage cans.  Good housekeeping practices go a long way toward removing the food source for these pests.  It’s also a good idea to purchase trash cans with lids so roaches won’t be attracted to your garbage.


        1. As surprising as it may be, recycling is actually a great way to prevent cockroaches in your home.  This particularly applies to cardboard, which is the material from which many household food items are made.  Cockroaches are very attracted to cardboard, and they may also find traces of food in these boxes.  Be sure to remove these items from your house as soon as they are empty.


        1. Preventing cockroaches from ever entering your home in the first place is a crucial part of pest control against these critters. Cockroaches can enter your home through very small cracks or openings.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to add weather stripping to doors and caulk any cracks around windows or in floors to seal off any opening where these roaches might find a way into your home.


      1. Though most homeowners focus primarily on pest control within the home, preventing cockroaches also extends to the areas around your house.  It’s important to keep your outdoor garbage cans sealed tightly with lids.  Compost piles can also attract these pests, so if you are a composter, moving your pile a little farther away from your house can help prevent cockroaches from moving into your home.  Anytime you draw these pests near the outer exterior of your home, they will quickly seize the opportunity to move indoors.

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