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5 Signs You Have Mice
No one wants to see a small, furry rodent scurry across their kitchen floor but estimates show nearly 82% of homes show signs of mice allergens. Fortunately, mice infestations are usually relatively simple to treat. If you’ve had trouble eradicating your mice issue by yourself or you just want to consult an expert it’s best to give your local pest control company a call. The longer you wait, the worse your mice problem may become.

Here are a few signs you may be dealing with a full-on rodent infestation in your home:

5. Your Home Suddenly Has A Musky, Old Smell.

While the smell is sometimes hard to detect by homeowners a pest control operator never mistakes this surefire sign mice are nearby. The smell is caused by the fermentation of mouse urine and appears only when an infestation is in full swing.

4. There Are Bumps In The Night.

If you live in an older home you may be used to creaks and “settling” in the night, but if you suspect mice listen carefully for unusual sounds. Scratching, scurrying, and even tiny squeaks can often be heard in the cover of darkness as mice come out to forage for food.

3. Piles of Odd Debris Start Appearing.

Notice an unusual mound of refuse in a hidden corner of your home? Mice are known to set up feeding stations where they feel safe taking their spoils to eat then discarding the trash. Plastic, paper, and even food remnants can populate these debris piles – look for them in corners or behind doors, particularly in the kitchen.

2. You See Signs of Gnawing.

Unless you’ve got a Chihuahua you’re sure to notice tiny bite marks once a rodent infestation sets in. Mice are known to gnaw on anything and everything, particularly wood and food containers. Does that cereal box have a chewed-through corner or is the cabinet lip sporting small gashes? Mice are likely working to find food when you leave the room.

1. Dropping, Droppings Everywhere.

Mice droppings are one of the few signs just about any homeowner recognizes right off the bat. They’re most likely to be found in dark, covered spaces like the back of cabinets or in crawlspaces and the droppings can be identified by their small, pellet-like shape. Rodents are known to leave excess droppings near their nest so if you find a “hot spot” give your local pest controller a call immediately.

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