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Are Fumigation Services Safe For My Pets?

Your pets are just as much a part of your family as any other loved one. You would never allow chemical treatments to take place in your home that could harm your loved ones, so shouldn’t the same rule apply to your furry family members? Today many pest control treatments are safe for pets, and some do not even require that the pets be removed from the home during the process.

If your home is being fumigated using methods like tenting, it is important that pets are removed from the premises. Not only should they be removed – pets should not re-enter your house until the recommended amount of time has passed. This amount of time varies depending on the products used, so make sure to ask your provider about the proper grace period. Read on to learn more about the best steps you can take to ensure that none of your loved ones are in danger during a fumigation.

Pets Aren’t All That Needs To Be Removed

In addition to removing pets from your home during fumigation, you should remove items that they come in contact with frequently, such as their beds and food dishes. The licensed pest control professional who performs the fumigation services in your home can give your specific answers about the safety of the exact products that they use, as well as the items that should be removed. To be on the safe side, you’ll want to consider removing all of the following items from your home during the fumigation process:

  • Your pets

  • Pet beds or kennels

  • Bags of kibble

  • Toys and bones

  • Leashes

  • Food and water dishes

The exterminator who performs your fumigation may recommend that some of these items remain in the home. Certain pests, such as bed bugs or fleas, could have found their way into these items, and removing them could mean bringing living bugs back into your home. You should always follow the advice of technician, but if possible wash any pet-related items before reintroducing them to your pet following fumigation.

Your Provider May Have A Pet Safe Alternative

When you schedule your appointment with a fumigation service provider, make sure to mention that you have pets. Some providers have pet safe options available for customers who require them, this way you won’t have to worry about your four-legged family members being in danger. The fumigation service provider may not mention these alternative treatments if you don’t ask, so make sure to be clear about your concern for your pets.

There have been many advances in pest control sprays in recent years, and there are various types of changes that have been made to chemical treatments to make them safer for pets. Some companies have added scents that pets naturally avoid. Despite this you should always thoroughly empty and wash food and water bowls following these treatments.

Taking Proper Precautions Could Save The Lives Of Your Pets

The products used during fumigation have come a long way, but they could still be harmful to your pets. Not only could these chemicals make your furry friends sick, they could prove fatal. For this reason you must remember that every small step you take could be the one that makes the difference in keeping all of your loved ones safe, including your pets.

Call and speak with your fumigation service provider today to learn more about the products they use and their pet-safety status. If the provider seems unsure it’s probably time to find a new pest control company to help you keep your home safe from pests, and your pets safe from pesticides.

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