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Basic Home Insect Control Solutions

When an infestation reaches advanced levels, you have no choice but to call an insect control professional. There are, however, many steps that you can take to prevent this level of infestation from ever taking place in your house. By blocking their entrance and knowing signs of their presence, you can successfully prevent infestation and eliminate small bug problems in your home.

Control experts are needed if bugs make an appearance, but to avoid reaching that point there are several easy prevention steps that you can take. Taking the trash out daily, washing all dishes thoroughly before going to bed, and storing all foods in air-tight containers can make a big difference.

Don’t Allow Insects In

Insect control will never be necessary if you can effectively prevent these pests from finding their way in. This may seem like a challenging task, but there are some easy steps that you can take to limit the chance of insects finding their way in. The easiest way of finding the places that need sealing is to look at your home with a fresh set of eyes.

Take a look around your house, do you spot any of the following?

  • Tears in the screens outside of your doors and windows – These rips defeat the purpose of having the screens in place. Mend these right away or they will grow with time, making room for all sorts of pests to sneak through.

  • Cracks along your home’s foundation – These may appear to be too tiny to make a difference, but pests like ants can fit in through the tiniest of openings. A quick layer of sealant on these cracks can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your home pest-free.

  • Visible gaps beneath doors – Doors come in many different sizes, but there could be gaps around the frame. Even a few millimeters of extra space within your frame and you could be leaving the door wide open for insects. Make sure there is a perfect seal on all four sides of each door in your home.

  • Possible leaks or signs of water damage – Eliminate water damage and its causes, doing so can eliminate certain pest problems immediately. Carpenter ants, for example, attack wood that has already been made weak by extended exposure to moisture. Get rid of this ruined wood, then seal the leak and carpenter ants will have no interest in your home.

If you see these red flags around your home, you need to seal or repair them immediately. Failing to do so is the same as inviting insects into your home. Most of these problems can be easily corrected over a couple of days, all you need is a sharp eye and the right materials. All of the supplies you need can be found at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Watch Out For Red Flags

The sooner you spot the signs of a possible infestation, the better chance you have of easily removing the problem. Insect control methods are most effective when applied at the earliest stage of a pest invasion. Look out for the following signs of insect presence:

  • Holes or gnaw marks in clothing, upholstery, and the packaging of food products

  • Living pests that scurry around your home, or dead ones underneath fixtures and appliances

  • The things that pests leave behind, such as odd odors, grease tracks and droppings

If any of these signs appear in your home, you should get in touch with an insect control provider. Attempting to get rid of these problems on your own only gives the infestation more time to multiply. Instead of watching the problem grow, call a licensed expert as soon as you suspect a problem.

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