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Bug Proof Your Home For Spring

Ok, so there may not ever be a way to completely bug proof your home, but there are plenty of steps you can take to prevent them.  As spring approaches and the weather warms up, there will be plenty of creepy crawlers emerging from their winter hideaways trying to make their way indoors.  Here are a few tips on how to prepare your home for the coming months.

    1. Clean out your gutters. Over the winter, gutters become filled with leaves, twigs and all kinds of debris.  This gutter clutter is a breeding ground for pests and brings them very close to your home, where they will then find ways to come inside.


    1. Trim the hedges. Spring is growth season, which means flowers trees and bushes will all be growing and blooming.  Be sure to take a good look around your property and trim back any limbs or branches that are touching or leaning up against your house.  Bugs will easily travel from these plants onto the exterior of your home and from there move indoors.


    1. Eliminate water sources. Many pests, especially mosquitoes, require water to breed and having standing water in your yard encourages these bugs.  Taking a quick inspection of your yard and draining any standing water you find will help keep these bugs away.


    1. Clean up your lawn: During the spring, any fruit producing tree will begin generating these items.  Though it can be a tedious task, picking up fallen fruits or nuts can help prevent pests.  They are often attracted to and feed off these items and if they fall near your house, you will be bringing these pests that much closer to your door.


  1. Seal the cracks.  This is a pest management effort that is necessary year round.  However, after the harsh winter weather, it’s a great time to recheck for any weather damaged areas.  Missing shingles, cracked window sills and worn weather stripping are all areas that are very susceptible to damage over the winter.

As you prepare your home for springtime pests, you may discover some critters that have made their way into your home over the winter.  In this event, it’s a good idea to contact a pest control expert to help you eliminate this problem.

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