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Everything You Need To Know About Scorpions

Most of us think of scorpions as foreign, lethal creatures we see in movies.  However, anyone living in the southwestern United States will tell you that these creatures are way more common than you might imagine.  As with any pest, it’s important to be educated about what to expect to avoid a dangerous or unpleasant encounter with them.  Therefore, we’ve created a brief overview of what you need to know about scorpions.

Where are they? Species of scorpions can be found sparsely in many states in the United States, but the majority are in the southwest region in states such as Arizona, California, Utah and Nevada.

What do they look like? There are a vast array of different scorpion species but they all have many of the same anatomical features including eight legs, two, large claw pincers and a stinger that curves up from its back.

Are they all venomous? Yes, but only a couple dozen of the over 1000 species of scorpions have venom that can cause serious harm to humans.

Where are they found? Scorpions often hide under logs or rocks and are active at night.  They sometimes move indoors during the summer in search of cooler temperatures or sources of water.

When do they sting? These critters are not aggressive toward humans and bites usually occur when they are stepped on or touched.

What happens if you get stung? A sting by most scorpions will just create a painful, burning sensation.  However, there are a few species such as the Arizona bark scorpion that has a much more potent venom that may need to be treated with antivenin.

Are scorpion bites fatal? Scorpion sting-related deaths are very rare in the United States.  However, children and elderly people are at a much greater risk.

If you find that your home or yard is overrun with scorpions, you should consider consulting a pest control professional.  Additionally, if you are ever stung by a scorpion and aren’t sure what type it was or are experiencing extreme symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

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