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How Do Pest Control Companies Fight Infestations?

Household pests are a problem in many homes, but what most homeowners have trouble with is identifying the proper time to call a pest control provider. Spotting one or two pests around your home could just be stray pests that have found their way in. If you’re spotting pests on a more frequent basis, you may want to reach out to a pest control company.

Pest control companies may have access to the most powerful tools and products for getting rid of pests, but that’s not what sets a pest control provider apart from a homeowner when it comes to showing pests the door. The difference is that exterminators understand all there is to know about the type of pests that commonly find their way into American homes. By learning about the variety of pests found in the U.S. you have a better chance at removing them from your home.

How Do Bugs Find Their Way Into Your Home

There are many ways and reasons that bugs find their way into the home. Educate yourself about the various reasons that pests enter homes to get to better understanding of your pest problem. If any of the following types of pests are found in your home it may be time to contact a pest control company:

Overwintering Pests

Overwintering pests find their way into the home in search of an environment that’s suitable for their survival during colder months. Boxelder bugs and various beetles are some of the most common overwintering pests. Most pests hibernate while overwintering, but just because these bugs aren’t seen while they hibernate within your home doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be removed from your home. Pest control providers are able to identify and remove overwintering species with ease.

If the conditions within your home are suitable you may never see these pests until the spring, when you’ll spot them as they attempt to find their way back outside. If the pests are not pleased with the conditions in your home they will make themselves known much earlier. Thankfully if you start seeing these pests throughout your home during the winter, they’re probably attempting to find their way out.

Kitchen Pests

Cockroaches and other bugs frequently find their way into kitchens across the country. The kitchen presents the perfect conditions for these pests. Moisture, ripe produce, the contents of your trash can, grease, and even appliances all attract a variety of pest problems. Pests in the kitchen can be very tricky to remove because of all of the hiding places found in this part of the home. Even worse, these pests can spread to the rest of your house at a rapid pace. Spreading chemicals through your kitchen can be a dangerous decision, and a pest control provider is recommended for battling these types of pests.

Pantry Pests

As their name implies, pantry pests attack stored food products that are commonly found in pantries. Flour, grains, nuts, seeds, and pet foods are all commonly attacked by these little bugs. There are many different bugs that fall into the pantry pest category, they include moths, weevils, and various species of beetles. Once they’ve found their way into the packaging of food the entire contents will be contaminated, so store dry items in containers that these pests will not be able to invade.

Getting Rid of Pests On Your Own

You may be wary of contacting a pest control provider. Perhaps this is because you’re hoping that the problem will go away on its own, or maybe you’re a weekend warrior looking for your next project. You may think pests are a problem you can tackle on your own, and you may be correct. Unfortunately if you’re wrong you’ve done little more than give pests more of a chance to reproduce within your home.

There are many commercial products available to help you remove pests from your home, the effectiveness of which varies. Always read the labels on these products very carefully, and if you’re a parent or pet owner be sure that they are safe for use in homes where pets or children are found. You may be able to successfully remove an infestation from your home using these products, but if not give a few pest control companies a call in order to find the perfect fit for your home.

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