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How To Get Rid Of Bees Without Killing Them

There’s been a lot of chatter in the media lately about the concerning decline in honeybee populations. Indeed, honeybees are a crucial part of the ecosystem and provide far more good than they do harm in most instances. They rarely sting and in fact spend most of their time pollenating plants which depend on their existence for their survival.

Confusion has set in between “extermination services” and “removal” and many people are anxious to use “pesticides” to kill bees. In fact, many pest control professionals have developed strategies to simply eradicate the pest problem without harming the insects – particularly for honeybees. From integrated pest management plans to ethically-responsible removal options, there are a handful of ways to get rid of a pesky honeybee problem without killing the hive.


A commonly used tactic among beekeepers, smoke is a great way to drive a colony of bees further from your house if that’s the goal. Simply bundle some old rags and light them outdoors (careful not to burn yourself or light the rags above pinestraw or other highly flammable surfaces.) Quickly blow out the fire to create smoke which you can then use to drive the bees away. Be aware that if the bees are in your garden, you may not want to drive them away as they’re pollinating your plants.


Sometimes bees get close to people and man-made structures in search of something necessary for survival, most often water. If you’ve got a bird bath, a leaking hose, or even a pond near your home it may be attracting the bees. Simply moving the water source farther from your house or removing it altogether can help eradicate a pesky bee swarm.


This method’s best employed by a pest professional. Oftentimes bee colonies become aggressive at the direction of a particularly ornery queen bee. Beekeeping stores actually sell replacement queens which can be selected for their temperament. A more docile, ‘friendly’ queen can change the personality of the whole swarm, making the bees less aggressive.

It’s important to remember never to attempt to move a beehive or insert yourself in a swarm of bees without professional guidance. Numerous bee stings, even form honeybees, can be dangerous and it’s always smart to work with a professional pest control expert or beekeeper when dealing with bees. Ask your local pest control provider about the options they have available for safely and humanely removing a bee colony.

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