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How To Prevent Termites

Last week we gave an overview of how to detect a termite problem in your home, but the best practice for any home is to try to prevent these destructive pests from ever occurring.  It probably does not come as a shock to hear that termites can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home.  Therefore, it’s important that you aren’t giving them easy access to your house. Once they set to work devouring your wood, you’ll have a huge mess in no time. Termites are attracted to moist wood and this idea is the basis for the majority of our prevention tips.  

It’s extremely important that you keep any sources of wood away from the structure of your house as termites will make their way to these items and then find even more to feast on with the foundation of your house.  This means keeping wood piles and debris away from your house and keeping shrubs and trees trimmed back so they don’t touch the exterior of your home.  It is also a good idea to keep any exterior wood from directly contacting the ground. Mounting wooden decks or steps on bricks or concrete blocks can help deter termites.

Avoiding moist conditions is also essential to termite prevention. Check your gutters to be sure they are draining water away from your house properly and not leaving standing pools of debris, which are a major haven for termites. Mulch is another unsuspecting termite facilitator. One of the main functions of mulch is to keep the soil moist. While this can be very useful in certain areas around your home and lawn, you should keep these moist wood chips away from the side of your house.

If termites do find their way into the vicinity of your home, it’s important that you are taking measures to keep them out.  Periodic inspection of your foundation, floorboards and window sills for any cracks or holes is a key aspect of prevention.  If you have a wooden home, keeping up with painting maintenance can help prevent these pests as well, because termites have a harder time getting through a solid coat of paint.

In addition to the at-home maintenance you should be doing to prevent termites, professional pest control can also assist you in this endeavor. Regular pre-termite treatments will ensure that these damage-causing nuisances see your home as hostile territory.

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