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The cool temperatures of fall and winter send many pests running for the heated indoors.  Among them are mice.  These tiny rodents can cause a host of problems.  They will scurry about at nighttime in search of food, potentially contaminating items in your pantry, leaving behind unpleasant droppings and sometimes even causing serious damage by chewing through wires or in the extreme case, walls.  If you haven’t encountered mice in your home yet, you certainly don’t want to.


One of the most common, yet forgotten, ways mice enter your home is around plumbing pipes connected to your house.  The holes cut for these pipes are usually cut slightly larger than the pipe itself, leaving just enough room for these little critters to sneak in.  This can also apply in areas where wires are run through your home, which is when the problem of mice chewing wires often occurs.  Another area where mice find some wiggle room is around the holes for a dryer vent.

So what’s the solution? Seal them off! This can be done with caulking or by stuffing the gaps with steel wool.  As winter approaches, it’s a good idea to take a little tour around your home and be sure that you’re not leaving a wide open door for mice to make your home theirs this season.

If mice do get into your home, they can be tricky to get rid of and they will often reproduce inside your home, multiplying the problem.  If you’ve discovered mice in your house, you should contact a pest control professional to discuss ways to eliminate these pests from your home.  They aren’t just unpleasant to have around; they can actually cause serious problems.

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