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The thought of having fleas in your home may sound ridiculous or something only people with poor hygiene might encounter.  Unfortunately, anyone can end up with these bothersome pests inside their home. Fleas are a type of parasites and they feed on the blood of humans and animals.  These pests will bite leaving itchy, uncomfortable bumps.  Fleas can also reproduce and create a serious infestation in your home if the problem is not treated. Another problematic trait of fleas is that they can live for extensive periods of times without any food.

Pets are often the source of your flea problem, so this is usually a good place to start.  For most people, pets are like an extension of the family, so you want to make sure they aren’t being plagued by these bugs anyway. Pets usually alert you when they have a flea problem with frequent scratching. You can also see fleas or flea dirt in your pets’ fur if you comb through it.  If you suspect a problem, your veterinarian can recommend a flea treatment.  In the meantime, if they are indoor pets, try to confine them to one or two rooms of the house.

If you have found fleas throughout your house, you will probably need to seek professional help in order to eliminate the problem.  However, if these pests appear to be confined to one room, there are many at-home treatments that are very effective.  It’s important to always follow these instructions carefully and avoid contact with the treated area as directed.

Careful vacuuming of couches, curtains and rugs can help prevent and remove any remaining fleas.  You may also need to wash bedding and linens from an affected room.  Be sure to wash with hot water as this is a more effective method of killing these pests.

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