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Top 5 Romantic Cities...Chock Full Of Bedbugs

Valentine’s Day is closing in and the chilly weather is leading many couples to plan winter getaways. Whether you’re excited for a long weekend in a cultural capital or you’ve got an entire romantic week planned in one of America’s biggest cities, check this list before you book. These five cities, while great for romance, rank among the highest in the nation for reported cases of bedbugs.

Chicago, Illinois

Rank: #1
What’s not to love about Chicago? The Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, dozens of fabulous museums. The mercury may have dropped in The Windy City but instances of bed bugs haven’t. Whether you’re considering a fancy penthouse suite or a budget motel, be on the lookout for these small, nasty pests in Chicago.

Los Angeles, California

Rank: #2
People escape to LA this time of year for the sunny weather and awards season celebrity-sightings, not for itchy, pervasive bug bites. LA is a sprawling city with literally thousands of hotel options so go online and read traveler reviews to see if anyone’s reported being bitten recently.

Denver, Colorado

Rank: #3
Denver is a great place to go this time of year – the snow’s usually not too bad and between the breweries and nearby ski resorts there’s no shortage of fun, romantic adventures. The city’s held its own at spot 4 on the bedbugs list for two years running, however, so traveler beware.

Washington DC

Rank: #4
The nation’s capital has been buzzing with inauguration events and there are great deals to be had in the wake of so many visitors. Though you may score a cheap room this time of year in DC beware of unclean rooms and be vigilant for signs of infestation.

Seattle, Washington

Rank: #5
Washington has experienced a romance tourism surge in the wake of the “Twilight” novels and Seattle has a lot to love, from farmer’s markets to live music. But it’s moved up the list faster than almost any other city this year – 14 spots in all – which makes it a prime place to get bedbugs when you let your guard down.

Bed bugs can be found in hotels, on public transportation and in private residences. They’re often hard to spot but are small and brown, about the size of an apple seed. If you’ve noticed itchy, red marks after sleeping or tiny, unexplained droppings in your bed call a pest control company in your area today. And if you see any of these signs at your hotel it’s best to contact management and move to another property immediately.

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