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What Kind Of Damage Do Termites Cause?
Termites leave signs of their presence behind when they burrow through your home. Worse yet, they damage American homes to the tune of $3,000,000,000 annually. So what kind of damage do termites actually cause inside a home? Here are a few of the most commonly-fixed parts of homes that are infested with termites:



FLOORS: Floor joists are often the first things to go when Subterranean termites are involved, particularly if they enter the house through the basement. Sagging floors and beam supports are expensive to fix and structurally hazardous.

CEILINGS: Likewise, termites that eat their way through floors can also eat through ceilings. If you notice bowing or sagging you should be worried about an infestation.

CARPET: Carpet’s not the most expensive fix but if yours is damaged it can be difficult to figure out exactly where the infestation ends. Termites will eat any organic material and carpet often fits the bill.

DRYWALL: Drywall is also susceptible to termite damage which will appear in the form of small pinholes or bubbling paint. Drywall that’s been compromised usually needs to be replaced which means expensive spackling and repainting.

FOUNDATION DAMAGE: The most costly of all termite damage, foundations made of wood are vulnerable as many termites enter from the ground level. It can take months and even years to identify damages to a foundation caused by termites but the compromised foundations may be structurally hazardous. Foundation damage can run into the tens of thousands of dollars to fix.

SIDING: If you have siding made of wood and termites get in, they’ll eventually eat through to the outside of the house. Siding damage typically appears near the foundation of the home but it can be an expensive process to replace the wood and match paint.

FURNITURE: Believe it or not, some species of termites (particularly Drywood termites) can live for years undetected in furniture. Whole colonies have been known to eat their way through couches and tables and once the damage is done it’s usually necessary to throw the furniture away.

If you’ve noticed signs of termite damage in your home, contact a licensed professional immediately. It’s far easier to treat for termites before they get in than to pay for all the damage they cause once they make themselves at home. Termites are more than a nuisance, they can be dangerous. Protect your home.

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