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What To Do If You Suspect Bed Bugs In Your Home
Bed bugs are a nasty problem but if you thought they were just for dirty, dingy bedrooms, think again. From a city’s slums to the most luxurious of hotels, bed bugs are an increasingly common problem and they’re extremely difficult to treat. If you suspect you have bed bugs you’re advised to call a local pest control provider immediately.



Signs you have bed bugs vary from home to home but are typically first noticed as itchy red bumps on the skin. Not everyone’s skin reacts to the bugs, however, so it’s important to periodically check for the bugs themselves. Bed bugs are seed-sized and brown and their bodies are flat. They sometimes leave behind excrement and even blood remnants from their meals so inspect your sheets carefully. Not just found in beds, bed bugs can infest couches, clothes, and even books.

Once you’ve identified a bed bug issue you’ll want to work closely with your pest control provider to develop a treatment plan. Before professional treatment arrives there are a few things you can do to contain the spread of bed bugs within your home.

First, identify the specific rooms where you’ve found signs of bugs and close their doors from the rest of the house. Strip all the fabric out of the rooms and place into large plastic garbage bags (be sure to knot the tops!) including sheets, bedspreads, and clothing. Wash all the fabrics in a scalding hot washing machine and dry in a full-heat dryer. Fabrics that can’t be washed such as those on sofas or curtains should be covered with plastic if possible and shut off from the rest of the house.

When a professional pest control operator arrives they’ll asses your infestation and decide on the best treatment for your home. Conventional bed bug remedies include heat treatment, chemical applications and in the worst cases, fumigation. Depending on the severity of the issue, a combination of treatments may be used.

It may be necessary to get rid of some bed bug-ridden furniture or fabrics if they’re too difficult to treat. Preventing bed bugs in the first place has nothing to do with cleanliness – even the cleanest homes can be invaded when least suspected. Most people pick up bed bugs when travelling so when staying in hotels keep your bags and clothes off the floor and always check for bugs before lying in a foreign bed. At home, seal all outside cracks with caulk which will help prevent other pests too, like termites and mice. If you’re particularly concerned about bed bugs in your area always avoid bringing used furniture or clothes into your home.

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