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Why Mosquito Control Is Important

Mosquitoes: A Dangerous Pest

Mosquitoes are one of the most commonly sighted pests in the country. These pests are found all around the country, especially during the summer months near pools of stagnant water. They may seem like little more than an annoyance, but they pose much more of a threat than you may realize.

There are several diseases that are known to have been spread by mosquitoes. These diseases include dengue fever, malaria and west nile virus. Malaria alone is known to have affected more than 200 million people in 2010 alone, and 660,000 of these cases resulted in death. More than a thousand cases of west nile virus were reported in the United States alone that same year, and 6% of the cases ended with death.

If mosquitoes are present in or around your home you should take every possible step to put an end to this pest problem quickly. Don’t allow these pests to spread disease to your loved ones, start taking the steps to put an end to the mosquitoes near your home as soon as you spot these blood sucking pests.

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Humans?

Female mosquitoes bite humans in search of isoleucine. Isoleucine is necessary in order for these pests to produce eggs. Once they’ve fed on blood the female mosquito may lay up to 100 eggs. Without the isoleucine found in blood it is only possible for these pests to lay up to 10 eggs.

Human blood is not the only known source of isoleucine, other animals like rats and buffalo actually have higher levels of this amino acid in their blood. Humans are much easier to find than these animals, so mosquitoes bite humans more than any other animal. There are other factors that draw this pest to humans as well, including the CO2 that we emit.

How Can You Prevent Mosquito Bites?

To prevent mosquito bites when you are hiking or spending a lot period of time outside the best mosquito repellent is DEET. Unfortunately some people have an adverse reaction to DEET, and if the concentration of the spray is too high it could damage and stain clothing.

When using this product or other pest repellents do not apply them to cuts or irritated skin as well as any skin that will be covered by clothes. Follow the package’s directions extremely carefully, and do not use excessive amounts of the product. If you’re looking to avoid products like these you can try applying a small amount of natural repellent (like rosemary, spearmint, yarrow and oil of lemon eucalyptus) to the skin.

Get Rid Of Mosquitoes On Your Own

There are many DIY mosquito control methods that you can be taken to attempt to put an end to these pests. Candles and sprays are two of the most common ways that homeowners fight these pests, but the best way to battle mosquitoes is with preventive measures.

There are other small steps that you can take that can make a big difference when dealing with mosquitoes. Store outdoor containers upside down to avoid pooling, eliminate standing water, do not overwater your lawn and remove blockage from gutters on a frequent basis to cut down on the chance of mosquitoes in your lawn.

Selecting A Mosquito Control Provider

If you’ve tried everything you can think of and are still experiencing a mosquito problem in your home it may be time to get in touch with an experienced mosquito control provider. Even though mosquitos differ from most household pests, most pest control companies offer these services. Don’t let these blood-sucking pests become a problem in your yard, get in touch with a mosquito control company right away.

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