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Aardwolf Termite & Pest of Bessemer, AL

Bessemer, AL 35023

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2485 Valleydale Rd, Birmingham, AL 35244
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Very Good

Based on 18 reviews around the web

How We Rate

Very Good

This branch ranks 10th out of 21 pest control companies serving this zip code.

This branch ranks in top 48% of all pest control companies serving this zip code.

Most Recent Reviews

“They recommended a crawl-space encapsulation for $5,100 on a house I had under contract. First, they took several days to commit to a start date, which was inconvenient and delayed the whole project. Then, when they finally started, they took three days longer than anticipated without providing any updates on their progress. This caused a massive headache as I was trying to close on the house as promised, and the delays were putting that in jeopardy. More than anything, since they wouldn’t provide an update on progress, I had no idea when we would be able to move forward. They ended up missing the deadline they guaranteed, and we had to scramble to find ways to accommodate this so we could still close, holding their funds in escrow until they were finished. To make matters worse, they didn't initially install a sump pump as the estimate highlighted. They stated they were done with the project and were expecting full price of their estimate despite omitting the pump. When I pointed this out, they brushed it off, saying they “forgot”. When they finally installed one, they did it haphazardly and failed to dig channels to drain water to the sump pump, rendering it significantly less useful than otherwise. But the problems didn't end there. They left a dehumidifier plugged into an outlet that wasn't operational, never bothering to inform me. They also pinched the dehumidifier drain pipe in the door of the crawl-pace, causing it to be unable to drain. When I asked them to splice the dehumidifier drain into my AC drainage pipe, they decided to cut a hole in my crawl-space door without even asking for permission. Also, they did not arrange the dehumidifier drainage with a P-trap as the manual stipulates. When asked about this, the employee argued with me, stating that it was not necessary, despite what the manual says. To top it all off, they left a large hole in the encapsulation, allowing large amounts of water to accumulate and sit in the crawl-space with nowhere to go after the first time it rained. When I raised concerns about this, they told me it was normal and that the water would just evaporate. Then, their employee called to tell me that it was not water after all, and that when he came to install the sump pump that he forgot, he saw a stain on the wood and decided to spray chemicals over the entire right side of the crawl-space to get rid of it… cause that makes complete sense, to spray chemicals on the wood for something completely aesthetic, even in places you can’t get to without crawling a good ways, after the project was supposedly finished the day prior. In case you’re wondering, there’s not a hint of a chemical smell. When pressed, the owner said he’d come take a look at the water, which he never did. Now, I’m potentially dealing with mold and rotting wood problems that I was trying to avoid with the encapsulation in the first place. Throughout this entire ordeal, their behavior was extremely unprofessional and lacking in regards to quality. They consistently argued with me about the work they were supposed to be doing and failed to deliver on their promises. I strongly advise against using Aardwolf Termite and Pest Control for ANYTHING. Save yourself the headache and frustration and look for a more reputable company that values its customers and takes pride in its work. It is frustrating, as a 23 year-old homebuyer that is in school part time and working 60-hour weeks, to take more time away from my expecting wife and spend my first weekend off in 21 days crawling under the house to fix something we paid someone else $5,000 dollars to do already. I normally would not want to make a post like this, as I don’t want to garner any sympathy at all. This is life, and people don’t do what they’re supposed to do. However, there are repercussions for that. I hope that you will take what I am saying about Aardwolf seriously, and not use them for ANY of your needs. Maybe if their bottom line is affected, they will strive to be better in the future, if not for being decent people, at least for a paycheck.”

Case D. via Google

“Love using Aardwolf. I use them on my personal home and they do an amazing job. Im a real estate agent so I also use them on all of my deals. They are are quick and so easy to work with.”

Maegan R. via Google

“Dumb faces would skip you for 4 months without any reasons.”

Renish K. via Google

Aardwolf Termite & Pest of Bessemer Review


2485 Valleydale Rd, Birmingham, AL 35244
  • Free Pricing Estimate
  • Money-back guarantee
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