Bonanza Pest Control of Reno, NV

Bonanza Pest Control of Reno, NV

17575 Blackbird Dr, Reno, NV 89508

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Visitor Review


Very Good

Based on 7 reviews around the web

How We Rate

Very Good

This branch ranks 11th out of 17 pest control companies serving this zip code.

This branch ranks in top 65% of all pest control companies serving this zip code.

Most Recent Reviews

“Great company, great service, great price. Highly recommended!”

Paul Hinen via Google

“I like Bonanza. I've used them for years. They sometimes have a long wait, but I think it is worth it. They don't make you get on a monthly contract like the big mainstream companies. They spray and it is guaranteed. I have never needed them to come back out to re-spray. The price is reasonable and they stand behind their work.”

Stefanie King via Google

“A couple months ago I noticed a I had paper wasps in some of my air ducts and along the eves of the house around my front door. I've had an issue with wasps is the past and have used Bonanza Pest Control twice to take care of the problem. Overall I’d say their service was to be expected. The second time around resulted in the extermination of several hundred wasps that died inside my furnace, rendering it unusable, which cost me approximately $200 out of pocket. I never blamed Bonanza for that and consider it an unfortunate accident. They exterminated the wasps as agreed. The most recent service, however, was appalling all around. I called them to request a service on March 15th explaining my past history and that I wanted someone to come take care of the nests along the eves and check my attic as well, just to be sure. I knew that might be more expensive, but I have tenants and needed the problem resolved. They told me they didn’t have any availability until April 28th. I was hesitant and considered calling another business given the 6 week wait, but was familiar with this business and decided to bite the bullet. We scheduled an appointment for April 28th between 2:30-3:30 pm. I immediately put the appointment on my schedule and requested the necessary time off work. Fast forward to April 27th. I noticed I had a voicemail (no missed call ever appeared, but that’s not their fault) with a date/time stamp of April 26th at 3:03pm from April who left the following message: “Hi, this is April with Bonanza Pest Control and I am supposed to come out there Friday (April 28th) to take care of a wasp nest above the front door. I was calling to see if I can come and do that this afternoon? It is about 3:00 on Wednesday. My cell phone is xxx-xxxx. If you can give me a call back that would be great. Talk to you later. Bye.” (Screenshot of transcript attached). Given that I’ve noticed the message the day after it was left and the fact that the wasp nests were still along the eves by my front door. I figured our original appointment would still take place as I never had the chance to confirm her request. I wouldn’t have been able to do that anyway as I wanted to be on site so she could check the eves in my backyard, which was locked as well as discuss how we could go about doing a thorough check in the attic to avoid the problem I had last time. Come the next day, I arrived home around 2:15pm and waited until 5:00pm and no one ever showed. Around May 3rd, I received an invoice (photo attached) for $40 indicating the service had been completed at 3:29 on April 26th, roughly 25 minutes after a April left the message ASKING if she could come by that day. I called Bonanza to discuss the issue as I still had wasp nests by my front door and my attic could not have been checked as no one was home. I believe that April showed up and took care of some nests, but my original request was not taken care of. Janice said she needed to call April to get “her side of the story” and that she would call me back. I received the following voicemail about 20 minutes later: “Hi Richard, this is Janice from Bonanza Pest Control. We’re going to take care of that $40 bill for you and the next time you need pest-control, please don’t call us. Thank you and have a great day.” (Screenshot of transcript attached). How very passive-aggressive of Janice! Fear not Bonanza… After no one showed up for our original appointment as agreed upon I had already called Terminex and arranged for an annual service. They came out last week and did a fantastic job! Long story short, you can find considerably better service elsewhere. Don’t waste your time with these guys...”

Richard Cohen via Google

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