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Rose Pest Solutions of Racine, WI

2711 Douglas Ave, Racine, WI 53402

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4.71/5 Excellent

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10101 W Innovation Dr Ste 500, Milwaukee, WI 53226
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Based on 108 reviews around the web

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Very Good

This branch ranks 3rd out of 12 pest control companies serving this zip code.

This branch ranks in top 25% of all pest control companies serving this zip code.

Most Recent Reviews

“Good experience with Rose in Racine. Donald H. was thorough and professional and took care of my issue and answered all of my questions and concerns. My only complaint is that during the initial call my only service option was a 1 yr contract for my ant issue. Upon canceling it, I found out that there were other lesser options available that weren't offered at the initial call even after asking. In hindsight, the 1yr contract was the best value for my ant issue, but I would've appreciated all potential options.”

Bradley W via Google

“I called them regarding two nests. Considering they are listed as a Racine business, they have a number from a different area code. That was alarm #1. Then, they insisted on having my credit card number BEFORE arriving (alarm #2). When I declined, they sounded stunned. She then called me back from a different number (alarm #3) and said her manager insisted.She said they would not come without a card, so I said fine. No need. That is not a good way to do business. Felt very much like a credit card scam and in all likelihood, it is. I called another exterminator and they quoted me a price that was 25% lower. Proof that everything happens for a reason.”

Andrew Spaulding via Google

“Couldn’t even get in touch with someone who could give me a quote. Got a message to call them back for a quote while I was at work. After I called them and the lady that answered sounded like she hated her job, ended up hanging up on me after putting me on hold for 5 minutes. The next time I called I got someone else who was also rude, she placed me on hold for an unknown reason for over 5 minutes, so I hung up, had to get off the phone. She called me back right away but I was unable to answer, she left a message saying that someone had to come and inspect my yard and they could on Monday at a certain time. I called back and got her again, I told her that time doesn’t work for me, so she put me on hold again, 5 minutes late she gave me another time slot, I told her no that’s not going to work either, asked if I could just talk to the person who does the inspection so it’s not back and forth to figure out what time/day works best. She said I would have to call back Monday. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she told me that they were gone for the day. This was ridiculous! The most unprofessional, stressful and frustrating experience all to get a quote!! What type of company also doesn’t have anyone who can help me available at 4:30, when they don’t close til 6?! Talk about false advertising and So much for 5 star reviews!”

Britney Churchill via Google

Rose Pest Solutions of Racine Review


10101 W Innovation Dr Ste 500, Milwaukee, WI 53226
  • Free Pricing Estimate
  • Money-back guarantee
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