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Army Ants May Be Marching Into Your Home

Ants are one of the hardest pests to avoid, and once they’ve found their way into your home they’ll lead more and more members of their colony in. Army ant colonies are huge and extremely aggressive, so it’s important that you take care of this problem as soon as you spot it. Because these pests are so tiny, they can sneak in through openings that are barely visible to the naked eye. By learning about army ants and watching them carefully you have a much better chance of successfully removing them from your home.

Army Ants Invade Homes Quickly

The name army ants applies to many kinds of ant species, in fact more than 200 varieties of ants fall into this category. They are most common in tropical areas with high heat and humidity, but they’ve been found in many places that don’t fit this description as well. These ants are especially notorious for causing trouble on farms, and when they attack as a colony, army ants are capable of killing all sorts of livestock such as pigs and chickens. They also steal food from these animals, making them even weaker and suitable for attack.

Army ants move frequently, during a period known as their nomadic stage. They use up all of the resources they can find and then quickly make their way to their next location. They do most of their traveling at night, taking breaks to rest during the day. If army ants find their way into your home, they may have enough resources to stay there and continue to reproduce for a long time. This is how advanced infestations become a problem.

Knock Army Ants Off Of Their Trail

Though they are tiny in size, ants exhibit some surprisingly complex behavior. The first ants to find their way into a home or other place that’s suitable for their colony will leave a chemical trail that other ants will then follow. If you see a single ant or a large group in your home, you can destroy their trail which will prevent others from following behind.

These chemical trails are easy to destroy, and all of the things you need are probably already in your home. Simply combine a small amount of dish soap with water in a spray bottle. Whenever you see an ant, spray it with this solution, and then spray the ground or surface for several feet in both directions. You can then wipe the water off the area immediately, the trail will have already been removed.

Get In Touch With A Pest Control Provider When Army Ants March In

If army ants have become a problem in your home, you’ll want to get in touch with a licensed pest control provider right away. A queen ant can lay as many as 30,000 eggs in a single day, so before you know it your home can become completely overrun with these annoying and unsavory pests. DIY methods can provide minimal results, but to fully remove an ant population from your home professional assistance is required.

Different types of army ants respond to some treatments better than others, but due to their size it can be very challenging to tell one type of ant from another. Professionals know enough about these pests to know which type of ant has found its way into your home, as well as the best way to show it the door. Don’t try and control this problem on your own, get in touch with an experienced pest control provider today.

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