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Why DIY Pest Control Solutions Fall Flat

Why DIY Pest Control Solutions Fall Flat

If you have a pest problem in your home you may be tempted to try and get rid of them on your own. Sometimes this is an achievable goal, but other times it just gives your infestation more time to advance. You may not think your problem is big enough to get a pest control provider involved, but pest populations grow at an extremely prolific rate. Take a look at some of the reasons that these do it yourself methods fall short:

1. Pest Control Experts Know and Understand Pests: You Do Not

Pest control experts take great pride in their wealth of knowledge about the various types of household pests. Though you may know more than some of your friends, the odds are that you don’t know more about pests than these experts. Strenuous training and years of field experience result in a seriously thorough understanding of the pests that find their way into your home. Even without this intense knowledge of these pests it can be hard to keep these pests at bay without the tools and resources that are only available at a professional level.

2. Pests Are Great At Hiding

If you have been spotting pests around your home there is a good chance that you already have a major infestation problem in your house. Just because you’ve only seen a few cockroaches doesn’t mean much, other than that there are a lot more of these pests hiding within your home. The nest of the cockroach or whatever type of pest is found in your home can be extremely hard to locate, especially for a rookie exterminator.

3. Specific Pests Respond To Certain Methods

There are ideal treatments for specific types of pests, but it can be hard to decide which treatment is best when you aren’t even sure of the type of bug you have on your hands. An exterminator can tell the difference between German, American, Oriental, and Australian cockroaches without hesitation, but as far as most homeowners are concerned a roach is a roach.

4. You Don’t Have Access To The Latest Tools and Technology

The benefit of working with one of the leading names in the pest control industry is the comfort in knowing that your provider will have access to the latest tools and technology in the industry. Each year there are advancements that can be very helpful for exterminators. DIY methods, on the other hand, are slow to keep up with technology.

5. Some Pest Control Sprays Are Sold Exclusively To Professionals

Exterminators are able to get pests out largely due to the effective pesticides that they have at their disposal. Many of these pesticides can be dangerous if not used correctly, so their most potent forms are only available for professional use by licensed professionals. These solutions must be mixed and applied very carefully–a small oversight can lead to big problems for you and your family.

6. You May Be Killing Bugs, But Are You Keeping Them Out?

If you have an infestation that won’t go away the problem may be the point of entry. If you’ve applied pesticides and traps and seen no success you should take a look around your home, where could these invaders be entering? Isolating that entryway can sometimes be all it takes to put an end to your pest problem, but it’s not always an easy task. Some ants are less than 2 mm long, all it takes is the tiniest crack or hole for these pests to sneak into a home. Pest control experts have been sealing homes from pests for a long time, and for them identifying and removing these entrances is a walk in the park.

A small pest problem can sometimes be controlled with DIY pest control methods, but for a serious infestation problem a professional is required. Unless you are certain that you can contain the problem on your own you should get in touch with a pest control provider as quickly as possible. Take your time when selecting a provider, and only choose a company with a long history of great results.

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