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Eliminate The Queen: Ant Control Tips

Ants are one of the most common types of household pests, and most homeowners will experience some level of ant infestation in their lifetime. If ants find their way into your home they can be a challenge to remove, but by learning about how their colonies work you can get a better understanding of the most successful ant elimination strategies.

The queen ant is the only ant in a colony that reproduces, and the number of offspring they create in a year’s time is absolutely astonishing. You can kill every ant you see, but you’ll probably never come in contact with the queen. This means it’s just a matter of time until more ants pop up within your home.

Eliminating The Queen: A Challenging Battle

Ant colonies understand that the queen is the most important member of their population if they want to continue to grow, and they go through great lengths to protect her. Worker ants will march around your home looking for food sources, all of which they carry back to the nest in order to feed the others, including the queen ant.

There are many traps and poisons that are available in stores, but very few of them can successfully reach the queen. Many of these poisons are designed to be carried back to the nest, but due to their toxic nature the worker ants die before ever reaching the nest. The only way to ensure that you’re reaching every level of the colony is to have a professional exterminator visit your home. They have access to the very best pest control products, and know the proper way to apply them to ensure that the entire colony is reached.

Queen Ants Lay A Lot Of Eggs

Queen ants are very prolific in their reproduction habits. In just a few days this one ant can lay upwards of 300,000 eggs. If this is hard for you to picture you are not alone, and over time this can mean literally millions of ants in your home. The longer you wait to control this problem the bigger it will become, and eventually it will take multiple pest control treatments to even make a dent in this population.

If you’ve never seen ants in your home, you should take a very careful look around your house to see if there are any potential entrances. If these entrances are present, ants will surely find their way in soon enough. Because if their tiny size, an entry can be a small as a hairline fracture along the foundation if your home. Basements are also very susceptible to ant infestation, and underground colonies will march right in upon finding a tiny basement opening.

Eliminate Ants Today

Many homeowners think that if they kill the queen ant their problem will go away, but unfortunately it’s not this simple. When the queen of an ant colony dies a new one will arise, and your problem will continue its rapid growth. The only way to ensure that an ant infestation is ended in your home is eliminate every ant that is present.

Get in touch with a pest control provider if you suspect that ants have found their way into your home. This is the only way to be certain that the problem is controlled, and the sooner that you act the better. Seek out online reviews and testimonials of pest control providers in your area, and familiarize yourself with the questions that you should ask when interviewing potential pest control providers. An inexperienced pest control provider is no better than store-bought products, so make sure to be very aware of the history of a company before giving them your hard earned money.

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