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Have An Infestation? Time To Call An Exterminator

Infestations can present serious threats to you and your loved ones, and if you believe that an infestation is present in your home it is important that you take the steps to remedy it right away. These unsightly house guests find their way in and start to multiply quickly, and before you know it you can be experiencing the advanced stages of infestation. If removing an infestation is not your top priority, read on to find about some of the dangers that an untreated pest population can lead to.

Pests Spread Diseases

Many types of diseases have been linked to infestation, and if you don’t take care of a pest problem quickly you could be putting your entire family at risk. Pests scurry all over your home, and even if you don’t see them they could be spreading bacteria to your food and the surfaces where food is prepared. Here are just a few of the most common diseases that have been linked to infestation:

  • Lyme disease

  • Dengue fever

  • Malaria

  • West Nile virus

  • Meningitis

Plus, cockroach infestations can lead to heightened symptoms of pre-existing conditions such as asthma.  Remedying a pest problem will not only make your home a safer place for your family, it can also prevent structural damage. Pests like carpenter ants and termites destroy the wood that your home is made of, especially if that wood has already become weak due to water damage. By having an expert remove these pests right away, you don’t have to worry about these problems affecting the members of your family.

If One Pest Is Present, More Are On The Way

An infestation is rarely limited to one type of pest. This is because a home that has an infestation has openings that allow the pest in. If one variety of pest has found their way in, it is only a matter of time until more follow. The only way to prevent this is to remove the existing infestation and seal all entryways that allowed pests in. These entryways could be gaps beneath your doors, tears in the screens outside of your doors or windows, and even microscopic cracks in the foundation of your home.

Some pest entrances are easy to spot, but others require the eye of a professional to identify. A licensed pest control technician will be able to locate all of the entryways that pests are using, and will know the best ways to seal them off for good. Don’t attempt to seal your home on your own, doing so will only give pests more time to sneak into your home.

Infestations Grow Quickly

The longer you take to get in touch with a pest control provider, the more time infestations have to grow within your home. Just a couple of cockroaches or rodents in your home can turn into a giant population within a few short weeks, opening up the door for all sorts of diseases and damage. These pests can build homes within electronics in your home, making these expensive items useless in a very short period of time.

As soon as you spot pests within your home you should pick up the phone and call a pest control provider. This way they can fight the infestation while it is still in its early stages and easier to control. If you wait until the problem has had time to advance it may take multiple treatments to control, or require advanced options like tenting. For the safety of your loved ones get in touch with a pest control provider right away.

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