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Ideal Rodent Control Methods For Your Home

There are a lot of ways to get rid of a mouse problem in your home, but some work better than others. Traditional baiting methods are one of the most common ways that American homeowners get rid of these pests, but spreading these poisons around the home can be dangerous. Not only could pets or small children come in contact with these baits, but poisoned mice that are hiding out in heating vents or underneath furniture can lead to some very unpleasant odors throughout the home. Consider the following rodent control methods instead of placing bait around your house:

Start With Traditional Mousetraps

The mousetraps that most Americans are familiar with are known at the “Little Nipper,” and they’ve been commonly used since they were invented in 1897 by James Henry Atkinson. This spring-loaded trap only takes 1/38,000 of a second to snap down and catch a mouse that is feeding on the bait that’s been placed in the trap. The results aren’t always pretty, but a mouse that can outsmart this type of trap is hard to find.

Many people have tried to invent a better mousetrap, but there has yet to be an alternate solution that proves both as effective and affordable as this pest control staple. Consider using meat products, like hot dogs or pepperoni, to catch mice quicker, and place them perpendicular to walls (mice like to run along walls and rarely venture away from them).

Humane Traps

If the thought of a dead mouse behind your couch doesn’t appeal to you, consider some of the more humane devices that are available. Catch-and-release traps are common: like with a traditional mouse trap, the rodent is lured in by bait, and once they find their way in the door will close and the mouse will remain inside until you release it. When releasing the rodent, do so at a safe distance from your home. If you simply toss the mouse out of your back door he will find his way back in no time. Also, take care to wash your hands and clean the area of the floor around the trap when emptying it. Oftentimes mice will become panicked when trapped and urinate, aiding in the spread of disease.

Another commonly used tool is the ultrasonic sound machine. This device emits sounds that naturally repel mice, and if used as directed, claim to rid your home of mice right away. The effectiveness of this device can be hard to predict, and while some homeowners see immediate results others find them to be completely ineffective.

Think About Getting A Cat

Mice that are able to outsmart mousetraps may need to have a natural enemy introduced in order to be controlled. Mice are one of the favorite prey of cats, and by sharing your space with a cat your mice problem could be taken care of in no time. If the cat is not able to control the mouse population, there is still a good chance that mice will decide to leave on their own once they realize that a predator is present. If mousetraps and cats have proven ineffective it may be time to get in touch with a pest control provider.

Call A Pest Control Provider

If all other methods have failed you, it is time to give a pest control provider a call. Exterminators know all about mice and their habits, and getting rid of a mouse problem is no problem for a pest control expert. Not only can these experts get mice out: They can also identify the places where the pests found their way in, and help you to seal those entryways to prevent further infestation.

When the exterminator arrives, describe your rodent problem to them and tell them about the various control methods that you’ve tried. This way, they don’t have to waste time by trying methods that have already proved ineffective, or perhaps shed some light on why your attempts haven’t worked.

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