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Why You Probably Need An Exterminator

Many homeowners don’t bother to call an exterminator until they’ve seen signs of infestation within their home, but this can be a dangerous mistake. The best way to keep your home free from pests is to have an exterminator perform regular visits to your home, even if no signs of pests are present. Here’s why:

Pests Build Colonies Quietly

You may think that you live in a pest-free home, but if you took a closer look you might be surprised at what you find. There could be a full-scale infestation problem in your home that you’ve never seen the signs of. A lot of homeowners never consider calling an exterminator until they have seen visible evidence of bugs, but normally an pest colony has reached a very advanced level by the times that you see any evidence.

Many pests, including the notorious cockroach, avoid light at all costs. This means they will rarely come out of their hiding places until the house is completely dark. While you’re sleeping, thousands of pests could be crawling around your house searching for food. If you see pests in your kitchen during the day, this usually means that the infestation has reached such a large level that overcrowding has forced this bug out of hiding. Infestations of this level can be extremely challenging to control, even for the most seasoned exterminators.

Your Home Is Filled With Pests’ Favorite Conditions

What a pest searches for in a home varies from species to species, but there are many universal threads throughout many varieties of household pests. Food and moist conditions are two of the things that almost every pest is seeking, and if you look hard enough you are sure to find both of these within your home.

Basements are found in many American homes, and the typical basement is a wonderland for pest. Most basements flood at some point or another, but even if a flood has never happened there could still be plenty of damp and dark places in the lowest level of your home. Many pests may accidentally find themselves in your basement, and they can remain there for a long time – rapidly expanding the size of their colony the entire time.

Your kitchen is another hotspot for pests. Tiny leaks underneath your sink or behind your appliances provide more than enough water to sustain an infestation, and if you aren’t adamant about household cleanliness there can be plenty of food sources here as well. If you don’t take your garbage out every day, you could be storing all sorts of items that bugs can eat. Almost any food-related trash is like a feast to pests, and they can spread a small amount of food to members of their entire colony.

Don’t Put Your Family At Risk

Infestation can cause major problems for your loved ones. Not only do these pests spread diseases that can be potentially fatal, they also can lead to heightened symptoms for people with preexisting conditions. The best way to ensure that no problems are caused by pests in your home is to call an exterminator, even if you don’t see the signs of infestation.

If an exterminator comes to you home and does not find any pests, they’ll be able to identify factors and entryways that could lead to pests becoming a problem in the future. By correcting these issues, you can ensure that your family is safe from the problems that pests present, and reduce the chance of expensive pest removal treatments down the line. Don’t wait until it’s too late, get in touch with a licensed pest control provider today.

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