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Do Not Attempt Treating Bed Bugs On Your Own

It is impossible to avoid headlines about the growing bed bug problem in the United States, and part of the reason that these pests are becoming such an issue is that homeowners are attempting to control them using DIY treatments. These pests feed on the blood of you and your loved ones, and once they’ve found their way into your home they are extremely difficult to control. While there are many suggestions for DIY treatments available on the Internet, none of these approaches are as effective as a professional bed bug treatment. If you’re thinking about treating bed bugs on your own, read on to find out about the dangers of this decision.

Treating Bed Bugs Requires A Professional

There are many pests that can be eliminated by the homeowner before infestation reaches advanced levels, but bed bugs are a very different beast. Extensive research has been required in order to find a way to keep these pests at bay, and the earliest successful treatment (DDT) has now been banned due to its harmful side effects.

Today, thermal removals methods are the most method for treating bed bugs. An expert will bring heaters into your home and raise the temperature to a level that is fatal to these bugs. This has proven to be much safer and more effective than chemical approaches. The type of industrial heaters that are used in these treatments are expensive, and attempting to conduct a heat treatment on your own is highly discouraged. Not only is allowing a professional more cost effective, it’s the only way to ensure that these pests are completely removed from your home.

Prevention Is Key

The best thing that you can do to keep bed bugs from finding their way into your home is to make use of prevention methods. Most bed bugs enter homes following traveling, so always be cautious while on vacation. Something as simple as sitting your luggage on a hotel bed could lead to a bed bug infestation in your home. Here are some travel tips that will keep bed bugs from catching a ride home with you:

  • Only use the provided luggage racks at hotel rooms: You may be tempted to sit your bags on the bed or even the floor of your hotel room, but luggage racks are the most effective way of preventing bed bugs from reaching your belongings. All hotels have these racks available, if you cannot locate one in your room give the front desk a call and request one.

  • Perform a visual inspection: Bed bugs are as hard to spot as they are to treat, but there are some signs that you can be detected with the naked eye. Flecks of blood or tiny black dots along the edge of the mattress are a sure sign of these pests, and you should vacate a hotel immediately if this is discovered. Bed bugs can travel from room to room quickly, so even another suite in the same hotel may not be safe.

  • Research the area: Bed bugs are a much bigger problem in some cities than others, and there are several online directories devoted to reporting bed bug infestations. Avoid unnecessary stays in cities where these pests are most common, and always check reviews of hotels before booking a stay.

If bed bugs do find their way into your home, get in touch with a pest control provider right away. The longer you take to remedy this problem, the worse the infestation will become. If the bed bug population reaches large levels within your home it can be extremely difficult to contain, and you could be forced to get rid of your mattress and other fabric-covered items around your home. DIY treatments only allow more time for these pests to reproduce, so make sure to seek out professional assistance for treating bed bugs right away.

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